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my writing workshop  by Hudson1

My writing workshop is a great workshop that meets every other Wednsday  from 7 to 9. I'm writing about my last time in the workshop. There was a Russian women who writes prayers, Sarah checking her texting device Liza eating a healthy salad and drinking a root beer and a giant bottle of water. There is James who writes horror and just got two new rejection letters, a lady from Mexico who is writing a story based on dark true stories, and said she spent time in seattle and said it was gloomy and depressing. There is also a lady who writes children's books. This was our writing group for that evening. There are three books we were studying. the first time i ever came to the group it was raining(it was raining this time, too) and a huge rainbow came out of the sky, I will never forget that. it was like the creator of the universe blessing my introduction to the writing group. I can't remember when that was. I've seen a lot of people come and go. The first night I was there there was some guy  who wrote science fiction and had multitudes of characters. He has since disappeared. I've heard funny stories that gave me a belly full of laughter, I have been disturbed by disturbing stories, and sometimes we scared away the newbies. One time we bashed Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer in a prompt while a little kid was nearby with his family. Did we make him believe there was no santa? Maybe it's about time he knew. and our fearless leader was A. Katherine noon, who usually leads the group. she called me kiddo, which i took as a compliment. i said, " How old are you?" and she said, "40," and i said, " I'm 40, too," but i'm growing old with grace, because i get to write and do art, all the time. i'm going bald and getting some gray hairs, but that's from the stress of the outside world. Art and writing brings relaxation. if only everybody could have enough food, enough drinking water, enough shelter, we could all get an education and write. but we are mortal, and i believe in an afterlife, but i won't turn this piece into a sermon. hopefully our art and writing will live on this earth long after we're deceased! 

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Date created: May 14, 2011
Date published: May 14, 2011
Comments: 2
Tags: being-40-years-old, characters, laughter, rejection-letters, salad, writing
Word Count: 431
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