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Sticks and stones  by Hudson1

Sticks and stones can break your bones but names can never hurt you. One time in jr. high I had a friend who was kind of a jock, and he said, "Let's pretend like we're fighting and I'll show you how to fight. Pretend like you are going to punch me in the face."

So i took a swing at him, and my fist connected to his nose, and blood started oozing out his nose. Another time, he wanted to be like the karate kid, and he wanted me to hold a ladder while he stood on top and mimicked the karate kid, and I couldn't hold the ladder, so he fell and broke his arm.

In 6th grade, i went to class and someone wrote on the chalkboard, "Hudson is a loser" It was up on the chalkboard for a long time,and the teacher didn't erase it. Another time in 8th grade, I was walking down the street and a drunken guy from my school walked by with two girls and poured a can of beer oer my head. He started laughing and said, "I poured a can of beer over Hudson's head!" but then when he wa sixteen, he was driving, probably drunk,and he drove into a wall and died. Another time in 8th grade, the teacher left the classroom and this gang banger stood up and punched me in the face and the whole class laughed. But he went to jail for raping someone.

So as you can see, I can't tell you how happy that my childhood is over. I could tell you countless stories about the cruel peers I had to deal with. But the truth is there were plenty of times that I was cruel, too. Names can mess people up. I've had art teachers tell me I would never make it as an artist. I had jobs where they told me if I didn't make it there, the only other place I could ever work is Burger king.

The topic of the sermon in church today was "Corrosive Competition." the pastor started his talk talking about the rivalry between football teams in Alabama and how a man in 2009 poisoned the trees on the rival campus of his rival college, and the trees died. he is facing prison time. my pastor said this is taking competition too far.He said competition ruins churches. I agree. Where I live we were taught to compete since day one. If you were a nerd, you were a loser. The popular people were nerds too, they just didn't realize it. We are all nerds in reality. But God loves us all. I hope he does anyway. If he doesn't, then why did he make us?

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Date created: Nov. 21, 2011
Date published: Nov. 21, 2011
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Tags: beer, bloody-nose, drunk-driving, etc, karate
Word Count: 468
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