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Hidden Places  by Hudson1

The criminal loved his hidden places. In his multimillion dollar mansion in Las Vegas, he grew the pot that kicked butt on the street. Feeling conscientiously opposed to hard drugs like crack and heroin, he felt that pot was making a comeback. He just hoped that pot wouldn't become legal, or it would be readilly available, and his product wouldn't be so marketable.

Eldo Mentenzia also was a klepto. Anything he could steal, he'd do the five-finger discount. His mansion was full of secret compartments full of material possessions he stole. Eldo was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood, but he recently got into Egyptian mythology and believed you took your material possessions with you when you died. Eldo had gone to auctions and stole things right off the table and raced off in the stolen car. Eldo did have a work ethic, his work just happened to be thievery. He had tricks to confuse cashiers, and when he sold drugs on the streets he would overcharge and rip people off. He worked alone, because he didn't want to pay anybody.

But back to his mansion, with all its secret compartments and hidden places. He had 10,000 match boxes, 3000 plastic spoons, so hanukah and Passover sets even though he wasn't Jewish, a giant poster of the Kool-aid mascot, a print he pilfered from the local museum, 5000 tonka toys he stole from nursery schools, stop signs he pulled out of the ground with a crane that he stole, and a bar with stolen liquor, and his cameras kept him on the up and up for outside intruders, like cops.

So far, he'd never been caught. In one of his secret compartments, he had Ak-47s, sub-machine-guns, grenades, and even ten squirt guns he stole from the neighborhood kids. He was a true klepto, and he believed he was taking everything with him to the next life. If he could just get ninety virgins, he'd be set.

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  'Hidden Places' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: April 14, 2011
Date published: April 14, 2011
Comments: 2
Tags: cameras, criminal, five-finger-discount, mansion, pot
Word Count: 373
Times Read: 337
Story Length: 1