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Discussion of "Zombie Strippers by Hudson1" by Hudson1

1 ShadowedPen 6 years, 2 months ago Reply

I liked this one. But the point of view shifted away from dale a couple of times and that threw me. When the waiter added the sexual stimulant to the drink, for example.

I'm somehow ashamed to admit that I decided to read this one because of the title Zombie Strippers. But I love humorous material on here. One of the best short stories I ever read was by a guy who wrote a short story about ninja monkeys. I would pay to read it again, but it never got published and I have no idea where that guy is. Tough world.

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2 Hudson1 6 years, 2 months ago Reply

It was meant to be humurous. I think there is a movie called zombie strippers. I got the idea because i have a guinea pig and i took a free newspaper around Halloween and spread it open on my guinea pig's cage, and there was an ad, " Zombie Strippers" a halloween show at a local strip club. ON Halloween eve, I was over at some friend's house and we watched a movie, " Revolt of the zombies" from the 1930's and it was so bad it was funny(I guess they had zombies back then!) but i hear zombies are really popular these days and mine is a satire on the whole genre. thanks for writing!

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