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Zombie Strippers by Hudson1  by Hudson1

Against Dale's better judgement, Craig had invited him to a Halloween event at the Bonanza strip club and bar. Dale was a good Catholic fellow and didn't believe in such things. But Craig pressured him, so he went. It was October 31st. The strippers all lined up dressed as zombies, but beautiful zombies.

The waiter appeared. " You must order a drink."

" Ice cold Miller light," grunted Craig.

" i'll just have a root beer,' stammered Dale.

The waiter went into the kitchen, and to everybody's drinks, added a sexually stimulating substance, more potent than Ginseng or Viagra. it was guaranteed to get the suckers every time.

Dale got his drink, and sipped it through a straw, and chewed on the ice. The women on the stage were beautiful, but they had dark make-up on, like Alice Cooper or something like that. As Dale finished his drink, he was overwhelmed by lust.

" Hey, how about a personal lap dance for you? I'll pay for it" said Craig.

" I don't know..."

" Oh, come on! Don't be a party pooper!'

So Craig summoned one of the strippers over to dance with Dale.

She teased him and breathed her hot breath on him. He felt uncontrollable desire take over him.

" Want to follow me into the back room?" the stripper said.

" Yes!" said Dale. He had no defense against the temptation.

As he went into the back room. There were two men who looked like gangsters. They shot him with some type of drug, and tied him up to a chair. As Dale grew sleepy, the stripper appeared back in the room.

She opened her mouth, and had fangs for teeth. She bit into Dale's neck, and began to suck the blood.

" Welcome to the wonderful world of being a vampire!" the stripper said, and went out for her next victim.

Dale woke up at 3:A.M, and began to piece together the events of the evening. He became aware that he was now a vampire, because he felt starving for some blood.

He walked down the street, and saw an old lady hobbling along on a cane. The old lady was a master of cane-fu, a martial art designed for senior citizens to protect themselves. Dale approached her.

" Get away, I know cane-fu," the old lady said.

" But I seek your blood," said Dale.

" Get away, you creep!" she grabbed her cane, and whipped it straight at Dale's head, hitting him hard. But no blood appeared. She struck him in the stomach, but it didn't hurt.

Dale grabbed the cane and threw it in the air, and it hit a garbage can,  and rats came bubbling out of a garbage can. He began to lure the old lady into the alley, to get her blood.

" I may not have my cane, but i know some tricks,' said the old lady.

" Try me!' said Dale.

Dale and the old lady began to battle it out. Dale lunged for her neck, and the old lady picked up a broken beer bottle and stabbed Dale in the neck. No blood appeared, so she smashed the rest above his head. then she found an old discarded broom, so she began to fight off Dale's advances with the broom. Finally, she hit him in the head, and he went flying in the air, and landed in a dumpster. the old lady hobbled away, as fast as her legs could carry her.

Dale struggled to get out of the dumpster. He needed blood. a rat came scurrying to the surface of the dumpster, Dale bit the rat's head off and sucked it's blood. That was only like a snack. He needed human blood. And he was determined to find it!


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Date created: Oct. 6, 2010
Date published: Oct. 6, 2010
Comments: 2
Tags: halloween, old-ladies, strippers, vampires
Word Count: 706
Times Read: 427
Story Length: 1