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Aunt Judy's holiday cookies  by Hudson1

Aunt Judy had a scar on her forehead that looked like Texas. It was rather grotesque. Her family called her Aunt Tex. The kids all hated to be around her. It really grossed them out.

But now, the family was gathered for Christmas. Aunt Tex brought in a tray of cookies.

" Dillon, want some cookies?"


"They're fresh."

"Is that all you can say is so?"


"Did you know when I was your age I took ballet?"


"Yes, I danced with your uncle. Back in the fortie's.I was beautiful in those days."

"Must've been a long time ago."

"It was. So what is on your wish list for Santa?'

"Video games."

"That's not going to get you into Harvard or Princeton."

"I don't want to go to college."

"Don't talk nonsense, child! Everybody in this family goes to college."

"Well, allow me to be the first to decline."

"Hard work is an ethical value in this family. Your fsther works hard at his desk job."

"No, he doesn't."

"Child, don't say such things! Would you rather be out on the streets, with no bed, freezing, hungry, like some people."

" I don't need a guilt trip. I already get enough of one from my parents."

" Oh, it's not a guilt trip! I want you to see things from the proper perspective."

"I don't want to."

"But you have to."

" No, I don't. And i don't have to eat your crappy holiday cookies."

" They were made from the love of my heart."

" They'll give me gas."

"Well, if you would exercise a little bit more instead of playing those video games, maybe you'd in better shape."

" Why should I be in good shape? I hate sports."

" Well, then eat a cookie. I did all that work for nothing if you don't have one."

"They probably taste like sawdust."

"You won't know until you try."

"My curiosity level is next to nil."

" You're not in the holiday spirit, are you?'

" No, I'm not. I wish it was the fourth of July, so I could blow something up."

End of chapter one

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  'Aunt Judy's holiday cookies' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Dec. 9, 2010
Date published: Dec. 9, 2010
Comments: 5
Tags: aunt, cookies, holidays, school, video-games
Word Count: 432
Times Read: 574
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)