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LOafer  by Hudson1

Shafts of Sunlight illuminated the scene of the room. Once again, I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned. i was an insomniac. I usually went three days before I could get any sleep. And then I'd get about four hours of sleep, and so I'd pour myself a pitcher of coffee. I heard a rooster crow. I was living on a farm. I had to get up and do chores. I had to milk the cows, shuck the corn, butcher the pigs, collect the chicken's eggs. I always did it begrudgingly because I could never sleep. I had to wake up at 3:30 A.M. to do all of this, and I just never wanted to go to sleep at night. I would play video games, or listen to country music, or collect fireflies in a jar. But inheriting a farm from ma and pa who had passed away , i inherited all the chores that went along with it.

If i could just get out of this one-horse town, I could go to the city and become an actor. I'd be the next Billy Bob Thorton. But here on this farm, I might as well have been a scarecrow. I was five miles away from the nearest town. All that the town had was a gas station and a hotel. I wanted to sell my farm, but who would buy it? Nobody was eating fresh produce anymore. My business was going down the tubes. And i would toss and turn every night, wondering what to do with this farm. I would talk to the horses, and they would talk to me. we told jokes to each other, and we'd laugh at each other's jokes. and i no longer could kill the cows to produce beef. I preferred gardening and raising vegetables. The animals were my only friends, and on summer nights, moonlight would echo through moonshine, and Will eckhart and Hank henderson would come over and steal all my honey that my race of bees made in my backyard. (To be continued)

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Date created: June 14, 2011
Date published: June 14, 2011
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Tags: depression, farm
Word Count: 356
Times Read: 298
Story Length: 1