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Sea monkeys (draft)  by Hudson1

When I was a kid, there were comic books that advertised Sea monkeys. They looked like ghosts, or some type of happy monster in a kingdom of the sea. The ad said "Order these sea monkeys, put them in the water, and they come alive." and i thought they would, just like they were shown in the ad.

So i ordered the sea monkeys and anxiously awaited their arrival. Then one day, the sea monkeys arrived. I was so excited. I put out a bowl of water. I opened the package of sea monkeys and dumped it in the water. A bunch of circular objects whirled around the bowl, and then just withered and died. They certainly didn't look like the sea monkeys in the ad! I felt scammed.

one time I worked at a pet store, the best minimum wage job I ever worked, and my job was to talk to the customers about their pets. There was a girl who got a frog egg in the mail, sort of similar to the sea monkeys,and she hatched the tadpole, and it grew into a frog and she became quite fond of it. I loved my job because it was the only minimum wage job I ever had where the customers were friendly. I worked with dogs, but didn't sell a single dog. One task i had was putting the birds in the cage at night. And in the tiny basement, someone was raising lizards, and there wee tons of lizards everywhere. It was another interesting experience. At my old apartment the old pet I could have was fish, and it was so hard to keep them alive. One time someone gave me fish because it was either give them to me or as he said, " Burial at sea.' One was a giant algae-eater who was about as big as a lobster. Whenever i cleaned the tank, he'd bite my finger. I love pets, and if i had a bigger apartment I'd keep more. But back to the sea monkeys. what a scam they were. It was deceptive advertising. The whole advertising industry deceives people. I had a coupon for Subway, buy a 6-foot sub and drink and get a free sub. But it turned out to be more than a foot long, I could've got a footlong and a glass of water. What a scam. Most coupons are a scam. The local record store offers a coupon for every record you buy you get 10 percent off your next purchase, and with tax you only end up saving about ten cents. so what if everybody in the world was honest, and stopped lying to make money? What if animals were smarter than humans? What if man could play God and bioengineer a whole race of animals?

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Date created: May 14, 2011
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