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"Considering Therapy"

I'll need even more therapy now (draft)  by Hudson1

Gerardappeared at the door and handing me my robe. " Ready for Frank?" he said

" No."

" Now just be nice to him. we're going in on business together,and I think you should be part of the team."

" Gerard!"

" Come on, honey. Don't have resentments. We shouldn't fight the way we do."

The doorbell rang. Frank appeared with a bouquet of roses and the smell of strong colonge and whiskey. " This is for the lady." he stated.

I blushed. " Well, thank you, but you shouldn't have...I"

" Think nothing of it. i've got a business venture that will truly make us all quite wealthy. you wouldn't believe me!"

" What could it be?"

" Environmentally-correct cereal. it's..'

" Okay, look, I don't want to hear about this. Could you just leave?'

" What? i don't understand....."

Suddenly, they heard a scream from the kitchen. They raced in to find the maid stabbed  almost to death with an ice pick, blood dribbling down her neck and the backdoor wide open.

They rushed to her side. " Who did this to you?' they demanded.

The maid gasped for breath. " The....man ... with..the...silver... and then she died.

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Date created: Sept. 1, 2010
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Tags: business, cereal, the-maid
Word Count: 243
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