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Butero's painting  by Hudson1

She tore down the alley, ducked into a doorway, and tried to squeeze into nothingness. But she couldn't fit through the doorway. Anna Ohara was the fat lady from the circus, and Butero wanted to do a painting of her. He wanted to call it "Fat Tuesday." Butero was known for making everything he painted large . But Anna Ohara was not amused. She was very sensitive about her weight. So when Butero chased her on the street, with paintbrush and easel, Anna would go huffing and puffing down the street. As she ducked through the doorway,she got wedged inbetween and couldn't move. The firemen had to be called to the scene. Butero set up his easel and did a painting of the firemen. The firemen chopped away at the wood to set the women free.

The firemen said,"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."gasped Anna."Can I have some BBQ ribs? I'm having a panic attack!"

Butero had finished his sketch of the firemen setting Anna loose from the doorway. He used oil and acrylic to complete the scene....

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Date created: March 12, 2011
Date published: March 12, 2011
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Tags: big, butero, firemen, ribs
Word Count: 203
Times Read: 338
Story Length: 1