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The Meaning of Life (Part 456.23)  by Glesga_Boab

Ah Life,

Said Jesus as he gaily skipped through a flowery meadow as would be avaiable at low cost in most countries in this period.

Nay the meaning of Life, mused Jesus! 

Mmm, it is an oft posed question, said Jesus in an eastern dialect. 

Perhaps I should prepare lunch?  Pass me those loaves and fishes. Jesus shouted in a very manly voice indeed!

The Virgin Mary teased Jesus yet again about the validity of his father's DNA test.

Jesus got quite distraught, but then cunningly realised it would be inpossible for Mary to have God's DNA on file as he was a fictional character.

Mary seethed at her son.

Jesus's realisation of her cunning wiles led him to snub her quite severely and be hyper critical of her cooking skills. 

The lived toghether quite uncomfortably for some time until Jesus discovered McDonald's, and it all went tragically wrong from there.


PS No Religious Characters Were Harmed In this Folly




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Date created: April 28, 2011
Date published: April 28, 2011
Comments: 2
Tags: nonsense
Word Count: 216
Times Read: 334
Story Length: 1