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Mogwai Stories: Walmart Adventures  by Firebird197896

I love Walmart! If I put on kids' clothes, hat, and glasses I am pretty much able to go where I want. Oh yeah... I have to remember to hide my tail too.... That has gotten me in trouble.

Like I said kids' clothes are awesome. In the past there was no disguises around especially for someone as small as me. Though I do prefer to just wear the fur I was born with I find I get in trouble much less with clothes on.

I used to live in the woods. The food is not great and it is hard to find places to live. One winter it was especially cold and there was nothing to eat. A walmart had been just built a few months before on the edge of the forest. At first I was rather unhappy about this but I found that stray boxes from there were more comfy than hiding in a rotten hollow tree. But right then I was hungry. I ran out of the forest and hopped from empty box to box until I was able to peer into the trash can. I was greeted by the smell of rotten cabbage... YUCK! I hopped down. Then I got startled by someone coming out of the rear door. He had a small cardboard box and was munching on something I later learned was an apple turnover. I hid behind the trashcan but over the stench of rotten cabbage I could smell the warm pastry with its fruit filling. My mouth watered. There was a call on the loudspeaker which I was used to hearing even in the forest so that did little more than annoy me. The man cursed and set the box beside the door and ran inside. The door closed most of the way but the box stopped it from closing totally.

I scampered over to the box and tried to pick it up... It would not budge... it was wedged in the door. I pushed the door with all my might and only got it to move a few inches... but the door wanted to close back and I was loosing my footing. My clawed feet scraped the concrete as the door began to slowly win. "My box! My food!... it will get squished...." I thought. Then I realized I might get squished with it. I kicked at the box, shoving it inside the building and I hopped on top of it just in time as the door slammed shut with a loud click.

I shielded my eyes from the blinding light inside. There were huge boxes and pallets everywhere. It reminded me of that ship I was on so many years ago and for a moment I felt sick remembering how things moved. But nothing here was swaying. I pushed the box into a cubby hole made by some pallets leaned up against a wall. With one of my claws I tore into it and munched happily on the pastry inside. I was very hungry and made a mess of my fur which took a while to get clean.

Only after stuffing myself with goey pastries did I try to get the door to open again.... The door was flat metal so I could not climb it... and the handle was too high up... so getting out that way was impossible.

I was getting sleepy from eating so much. I looked around for a safe place to take a nap. I spied an odd thing. It looked like a little log cabin.... on stilts sitting on a pallet. I scampered over to it and climbed up the stilt leg and tried the door. It was being held shut by a zip tie. I tried the window which opened easily and in I went. Inside was a tiny built in desk. I curled up under the desk where it was darker and was soon fast asleep.

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Date created: Feb. 16, 2009
Date published: Feb. 17, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: adventure, critter, fantasy, mogwai, tarsier
Word Count: 659
Times Read: 428
Story Length: 3
Children Rank: 3.8/5.0 (2 votes)
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