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"CSI-Snickers Fan Fic"

"What happend?" (draft)  by ErynnC

Sara awoke the next morning in her room. She noticed a peice of paper on the table beside her.It was a note from Nick Stokes, she read it to herself;

Dear Sara-

You really need to get more sleep(and not at your desk).


P.S. You gotta love that 'spare key in the plant' trick.

She smiled she remembered everything about last night; how in her dream Nick saved her from her farther,how warm she felt in his arms,how he  brought her home and how he kissed her good night. Now she just wanted to say thanks.

That morning, after a series of questions Nick was explaining to Warrick and Greg what happened. "You carry Sara home and now you expect me to belive that nothing happenned?" asked Warrcik trying to get an actual answer. "Look, nothing happenned okay?I carried Sara to my car, drive her home, put her in her bed,kissed her and left." Warrick and Greg looked at him. "You finally kissed her?"Nick was hoping to hide that part.

"I..I..it was nothing nothing she was asleep,there was an oppurtuinity,I had a moment. You would have done the samething!"

"Not me man, I'm like the only guy here who's not head over heels for Sara."said Warrick. Greg laughed "I would have.Every time I talk to Sara, all that comes out is some rididculus joke"  Warrick gave Greg a 'not right now' look."Okay that's different, you are naturally annoying Nick has been crushing on Sara since he met her."

A couple minutes later Sara walked down the hall. Nick saw her first and smiled at her. Warrick and Greg saw what he was looking at and just to annoy him they started humming thewedding march.

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Date created: Dec. 18, 2008
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Tags: dotdotdott, horrible, lying, nick's, romance...humour, skills.
Word Count: 361
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