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Stirring Air  by Embarr

The shades were pulled closed over the window, but I could still see a light glow from them. I pulled them open and the glow turned to streetlights that shone in strips along my bed sheets.

Below me a tree’s branches bounced slightly in a lazy wind. I twisted then, seeing the stir of air outside and quickly reached for my window. It slid open with a sound like a metal saw on wood and I stuck my hands on the window screen. My torso followed as I curled my body around the small opening and tried to press myself towards that wind I’d seen. It was gone though, and the air outside was the same as it was in my small room. All the coolness had been strained out of my apartment hours ago, I thought, and it hadn’t lingered outside at all.

I rolled back to the middle of my bed, limbs bent out to avoid touching skin to skin and feeling myself stick again. The sheets and blanket were kicked to the base of my bed, and my pillow was pushed off to the ground. I didn’t think to get up until I felt a bubble forming around me and the air became too thick to breath. There was the zip of sheets against my legs and a dull thud as the balls of my feet met the floor. My hand shot out to grab my phone and I started dialing as I walked across the room, swinging my free arm wide to stir up the air.

“Pick up,” I hissed through my teeth. Another ring vibrated my ear and I heard the last ring drop and the silence that comes before the recorded voice. I hung up before I could hear the my landlord and threw my phone into the open purse on my desk.

 It didn’t take me long to grab some clothes from my closet, get dressed and slip on some shoes. I stared at the clock; seven minutes had past. I stood in the middle of my room feeling as if I was suddenly there in jeans and t-shirt, and only a moment away from when I was sprawled in my bed. There was no air to feel the time go by, I decided. I swung my arms violently as I exited my room, then my apartment.


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Date created: Oct. 17, 2008
Date published: Oct. 17, 2008
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Tags: apartment, night, no-air, walk
Word Count: 560
Times Read: 426
Story Length: 1