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When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire  by ETFHellyeah

As he held a gun to my head, he spoke quietly. “Tell me where she is.” I can’t tell him. “Courtney won’t be safe with you.” I spoke, and he pulled my hair back farther. “I don’t care if she’s safe. She owes me, money, love, and my life. She stole it from me. All of it.” he said, and grabbed the knife. As he held it to my throat, he hummed slightly. “She doesn’t owe you ****.” I quietly said. “What?” he asked. I shut my mouth, but her didn’t take it. He grabbed my wrist, and slit above the last cut. I yelped in pain. “Shut the hell up. Tell me where she is.” he threatened. “No. I can’t she won’t be safe. You should know where she is. She didn’t take anything from you.” I said, bravely. “Listen to me. You don’t know half of it. So, we dated for two years, right? Now, she just comes up to me one day, and says it’s over. I spent thousands of dollars on her. I’ve spent thousands of minutes on her. Because I loved her.” he said. “Why do you have me, then? You’ve had me for the past three hours, holding me here, when she broke up with you two weeks ago. Get over it.” I regretted it when I said it. He dropped the knife and gun, and grabbed my throat with his hands. He took one hand, and slapped me in the face. The other hand was pressing against my throat, making it a struggle to breathe. “Where…Is…SHE?!?!” he yelled in my face, and slapped me again. He stepped back, and breathed. I tried to breathe, but it hurt. My face hurt, and I felt blood from the inside of my mouth. When he hit me, I bit my cheek. “I’m not telling. Why can’t you just accept the fact that she doesn’t like you?” I said, and he scrunched his fists, and his eyes. “You her best friend. That’s why I have you here. I can’t get over her, because I love her. Your not leaving until you tell me where she is.” he said. “She’s…At Michaels friends’ mom’s house.” I said. “No, she’s not. Who the hell is Michael?” he asked, getting angry. “Her boyfriend.” I said. He immediately grabbed the gun and knife, and untied my hands. “Just…Tell me where.” he said. “No. I told you where she is, I already answered.” I said. He grabbed my wrist, but I freed myself and slapped him. He punched me straight in the nose, and knocked me to the other side of the room. He then left me, unconscious.


Chapter Two:


I woke up, sitting where he left me. I sat up, with a headache, and my nose hurt. I stood up, and looked around. Toby wasn’t back yet. Thank god. I walked to the door, and it was locked. I shook it, and it wouldn’t budge. I turned, to find nothing but an empty chair, rope, and a gun. I walked over to the gun, and realized it was the one he had. He left it. I picked it up, and took it. I walked over to the window. It was locked, and super-glued shut. I walked to the air vent, and realized I might be small enough to fit in it. I tried, and I was just small-enough. I crawled through, and came to an opening. I looked through, to find something standing there.

I squinted. I realized the thing was breathing. I looked, and realized it was a guy. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t make out who it was. I guess I moved, but he looked around, and I caught a glimpse of his eyes. I realized it was my ex, Nathan. We are still friends, but we haven’t really talked. “Is that…Alexandria?” he whispered. I nodded, and smiled. He walked over, and took the air-vent off. He climbed in it, and we started crawling. We didn’t stop to talk, because we had to find a way out of here. We crawled down, and saw more people in another room. We did the same thing with them, and helped them as we continued to crawl. We came to a two-way. We saw a light down one way, and more rooms down the other way. Courtney. “Go right. Towards the light.” Nathan said. “I can’t. I have to find Courtney. I’m sorry.” I started crawling down the left way, towards the dark and the other rooms. I turned to whisper to Nathan. “Take them out, and help them, call the police. Don’t come back to me. I’ll be out soon. Bye.” I smiled, and he leaned towards me. I kissed him, then started crawling. I reached about three more rooms, empty. 

I came to one room, and looked in. I instantly recognized the long, brown hair, as usual in a braid. Her eyes turned to me. Those big blue eyes, gorgeous. She smiled at me, but I could see the tears in her eyes. I looked around for what she was crying about. I saw it. Him. Michael, laying dead on the floor. The knife still in his chest. I almost cried at the sight. I immediately helped Courtney into the air-vent, and we walked around, finding no more people. We turned, and walked back out towards the light and the exit. “Bitch! Where are you!” I heard someone yell. Toby. “Keep crawling. Quicker.” I whispered to Courtney. She did as I told her, and we heard someone else get into the vent. “Get in front of me.” I said, to Courtney. I pulled her in front of me, because Toby would be behind us. “Your not that scary. I know where you are.” he laughed. Courtney freaked out, and started crawling fast. I had a hard time keeping up with her. We got to the light, the exit. Courtney got out, and I saw the Police. I smiled, and almost got out, when someone reached at my foot, and yanked me back. I hit my head, and fell unconscious.

“You think you can run!” he screamed at me. “Yes. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done it.” I pleaded. “No, you helped her get away. And all my other slaves? What are you up to, bitch?” he asked, making a face. “Just, let me go get her. Please. I’ll find her, and kill her myself.” I said, trying to think of a lie that would get me out of here. I heard pounding at the door. “Toby, it’s the Police. Let her out, Now. Your going to jail. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” they yelled at him. “Leave me the **** alone! I have to kill this one. Sorry!” he screamed, grabbing the knife. “Tell them to leave.” he whispered. “Please, leave! I’m fine. He’s not hurting me!” I yelled. “No. We must stand here.” they said, trying to break the door down. Toby slowly but harshly tilted my neck back, and put the knife close to it. I tried to yell out, but I just fell into a sleep. It was pitch black. I was in a tunnel. Traveling. I don’t know why. Then, I realized it all. I knew it. I was dead.






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Date created: Feb. 4, 2012
Date published: Feb. 4, 2012
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