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The Sadness  by DwayneHoover

The sadness took him one day and never gave him back. He could not believe what his friend had done to him. His friend made him the main character of his story.

The main character lived in a world like ours. He woke up he went to work and he returned at the end of the day to his haunted dwelings. The walls would shift and the floor would tumble. He learned to sleep with the sadness watching. He no longer feared it.

He first noticed the sadness when he was with his friends. It was like a shadow at the edge of his thoughts. The shadow wispered and hushed. He could not see it clearly, because when ever he saw it, it would dart away. It was small sometimes and large other times, but it always fled inspection.

One day when the moon was high above, this man went to see his friend. He had not seen his friend in a while and was glad to see him.

The last time they had been together they got into a fight, and he left his friend vowing never to return. It was bad. Now as he walked up to his old friend, he noticed that something had changed. It was not on the surface, it was just below and seemed to stretch the skin tight in his friends features. Although his friend smiled at him and welcomed him back, something in his eyes said that he was not happy.

They fixed drinks and toasted memories. They talked about where their life had talken them in the past couple of years. Then he saw it, the sadness. It came creeping in through the windows, shifting in and out of reality. It seemed to go behind his old friend. His old friends face changed. Malice and melevolence. The old friend began to curse at him, and tell him what he had really been up to. The friend told stories of how he had, taken and turned, all of his old friends against the man. He had found all of the mans girlfriends and slept with them. He told him of a plan, although hidden behind carefully chosen words, that he would kill the man slowly. The old friends revenge would be eternal sadness.

As he ran from the room he relized that the sadness had taken his friend, and he ran and he ran. There would be no rekindled friendship. He did not even care about what the man did to him, he just wanted to be friends again.

As he ran in the dark he noticed something keeping pace with him, he looked to his left and it vanished. He saw it on the right, he looked and it vanished. He looked ahead and ran right into it. It wrapped him in its dull embrace. It stopped him in his tracks.

He returned to his apartment and turned on the lights. He made some food that he did not relly touch. He looked in the mirror as he brushed his teeth slowly and with no effort. His skin seemed tight on his face. He could see it just below the surface. There it was inside of hime, the same thing that happened to his friend.

He went to sleep, he woke, went to work and came home again.

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  'The Sadness' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: July 22, 2008
Date published: July 22, 2008
Comments: 1
Word Count: 584
Times Read: 410
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.9/5.0 (2 votes)