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"SHORT STORIES for HELL" -> "The Everlasting Peace"

The Everlasting Peace II  by Dogma

I should have known better.  There are too many of us fu*king running around now thinking they are gods.  I had my self six drunk as*holes that I was bringing back home.  That’s almost a week of food, fun, and good old fashioned torture.             

Saw him from a mile away, didn’t realize he’d be out killing for fun.  Young pricks don’t realize the beauty in a scream anymore.  All about the quick kill. 

Its time to show him a lesson or two, this young one in the car was his target.  We’ll see if he’s looking for revenge.  The next life can be a blessing or a curse depending on the person primed.  By the smell of alcohol and vomit on him this 22 year old lying mangled in the car would fit right into my life style.  S*it I might even get a good fu*k if I’m lucky.  I am Lilith, I am adam’s first wife, and this cold hearted blonde bit*h is pretty pissed off.

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  'The Everlasting Peace II' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: March 4, 2008
Date published: March 4, 2008
Comments: 2
Word Count: 333
Times Read: 654
Story Length: 1