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A New Beginning  by Diawriter

“Get that thief!” yelped a furious bread merchant. “Get her before she escapes!” the chase was on. The red headed girl darted as fast as she could. Bobbing and weaving like an NFL running back, she shoved the oncoming traffic of people. Many of the townspeople were sacrificed their bags of groceries. She stumbled upon her ragged shirt and hit the dirty hard with an UMPH! Her spirit not broken, she moved on. In her peripheral vision, she can see two officers with swords coming to her right. Wearing the casual black tights and jacket with professionally decorated sheaths at their waists, they signaled.

            “STOP THIEF!” one officer demanded.

            “We will not hesitate to kill you!” the other promised.

            “Crap,” she thought to herself, “the cops are behind me…gotta lose em,” she panted tiredly. Her calves chafed and her heart ached. She pulled out a pocket knife in defense in case things became physical.

            Noticing that she was not going to halt, the two officers took out shuriken from their pockets.

            “You have one more chance to halt or we will eliminate you!” the officer tried to get a good look but the red headed girl intended to shoved people in their way for a distraction.

            “We have a situation down here in West Al’Trubbul,” the other officer called for backup on his walkie-talkie.

            “I need to make a move quick,” the red haired kid overheard the officer. Cutting into a dark alley, there was a steep ledge at the end. “Hmmmm…quick and easy,” the kid figured. With great quickness and strength, the kid used her left leg to hop on the left side on the narrow alley. Then she exerted her power to hop on the right side using her left leg. Finally, she retorted the rest of her energy in her right leg to hop over the ledge all in one quick motion.

            “HALT!” the officers threw their shuriken at her.

            “UGH!” one grazed her humerus, leaving a scratch. Yet, she managed and kept moving. While escaping the alley, she examined her wound. “Have had worse,” she thought to herself. “I need to get back to the forest before they-,”

            “HEY YOU!” backup had arrived,

            “Shoot,” the kid panted. On the run again, they were at the outskirts if the major city of Al’Trubbul. The sun had gone to sleep and the moon was there to take its shift. The stars guarded the darkness like a bird to its babies. The kid ran but the officers were on its tail like fur. The kid could hear the footsteps closing in. Suddenly she stopped and turned around.           

            Though it appeared as if the child surrendered, the cops just wanted to be sure this was so. Prudently, they came to the target with swords drawn. Just as the three officers approached her, the two other officers she apparently lost joined the party.

            “1…2…3…4…5,” she counted her foes. “Let’s see if I can handle them this time,”

            Behind the quid of people, a heavyset officer followed.

            “It’s her!” he bellowed.

            “Yes we see that commander,” one smartly implied that he was stating the obvious.

            “NO YOU IDIOT!” the commander yelled. “HER!” he pointed at a nearby wall. On the wall, it had the kid’s picture on it, saying, “WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE”. In the picture, she was clearly in pursuit with cans of vegetables of many varieties, some even falling out of her arms. What caught the officers’ attention was the cash prize of her capture.

            “100,000 rupees!” one officer exclaimed

            “That could get me that new stallion I wanted,” another boasted.

            Looking at each other with hungry eyes, they all suggested using ruh to defeat her.

            “Time to die kid,” one officer ran up to her with his sword at hand. An unusual yellowish green glow resided on the edges of his blade.

            “What the?” the kid noticed, “This is new,” He swiped at her with and intent to kill. She easily dodged and grabbed the officer and plunged her foot into his kneecap, dislocating his leg. The immense pain made the enemy drop his sword and drop to the ground holding his knee. As another officer came to the offense, the kid picked up his fallen friend’s sword and was ready to defend herself. She exerted ruh into her blade, making it glow an ominous purple color. The officer still came with a vengeance, his sword glowing a yellowish green resembling his comrades. With a reckless strike, he missed, striking the ground and leaving a huge crack. The kid back flipped away from the attack’s area of effect.

            “Now it’s my turn,” she chuckled to herself. With a 360 spin with her sword stuck out in front of her, she released the ruh inside her blade shooting a wave of energy. The wave pushed the foe on his buttock. Then, he was forced to tumble over his other officers. The commander drew his weapon but something stopped him from doing so.

            A slender figure with a yellow fox mask slid in the way of the kid and the commander.

            “I’ll handle it from here,” her voice was unmistakably feminine. Her hourglass figure made the kid deduce that she worked out. The red scarf, black leather boots, and belt full off daggers indicated a rogue like presence was upon her.

            “Who are you?” the commander pondered, his hand rubbing his chin,

            “Private Niet from the Imperial Blood Guard,” she answered. “We heard that this fiend has hit numerous towns of the Continent of Fur’Eva. This ends…here”

            “I’m not intimidated,” the kid gripped her sword tightly with two hands, just to make sure.

            “Don’t get too cocky kid,” though the kid couldn’t see it through the mask, the lady chuckled. Without hesitation, she pulled out three daggers from her belt and threw them simultaneously. Then she dashed after the kid. The kid parried one dagger with her sword and swayed away from another but was grazed on the ribs by the last. After the array of daggers were passed, and swift kick approached the kid. Niet ended up knocking the sword out the kid’s grasp. The kid lost her footing from the force of the kick. Niet punched the kid in the face and tried another jab but it was blocked with great awareness. Afterwards, the kid swept Niet off her feet with a sweep kick to the shin. Niet hit the ground with an UMP! Then the kid hopped back for some distance.

            “Not bad kid,” Niet said. “Too bad this fight was over before it started.

            All of the sudden things became blurry. The kid became dizzy and dropped upon a knee.

            “See…what you…know is…that…poison…in…daggers of mine…ha!”

            The kid’s vision was in black and white for a split second. She collapsed on the dirt floor.





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  'A New Beginning' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Jan. 20, 2009
Date published: Jan. 20, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: fantasy
Word Count: 2194
Times Read: 1243
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.0/5.0 (2 votes)