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Tables Turned...  by Darkkwind

     Thomas Ward sat alone at his desk, staring blankly out the window of his Miami office. The weather was great today, and the beach was packed with people, but he had work to do. Vietnam was a long time ago, but after the call he got last night all the memories were hitting him like a ton of bricks.

     Tom hadn't heard from the old Unit in several years now, most of them had gone crazy after all they witnessed in that land of death. The others ended up become your everday riff-raff, whino's, bums... the grime on the city that you choose to ignore when walking to your car at night.

     A soft knock interupted his visit to the past and his secretary carefully stuck her head in the door and gently cleared her throat. "Sir, there's a gentleman here from the MDPD asking to see you, and an inte-office letter just arrived from the DC branch addressed for your eyes only."

      "Thank you Rachel, show him in and go ahead and drop the envelope on my desk." Tom didn't flinch or even shrug when he spoke, he just continued to watch out the large corner window as he saw a familiar reflection enter his office. "Lovely afternoon today Marc."

     "That it is, you got a minute Tom." Marc stood just to the side of the door leaned up against the wall casualy, his athletic build and military style haircut made an imposing figure in this office of soft art and designs. At least that's what the majority of Miami thought happened in this office.

     "Marc, I always have a minute for the Miami-Dade Police. But let's not forget that the last time you asked me that what you meant was did I have a couple of days to be falsely accused." Tom glared at Marc's reflection in the window and then composed himself again and turned to face his old friend.

     "Tom, I'm sorry about that, I've said it before. But there were reasons and, ermmm, circumstances. This time you won't need a lawyer though, it's a personal call." At this Tom motioned to a chair across from his at the desk and sat down in the rather plain leather chair facing his old friend. Tom glanced and saw the envelope that Rachel had mentioned earlier sitting directly in front of him, and then noticed as Marc pulled an exact duplicate of it, addressing, handwriting and all, out of his briefcase.

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Date created: March 25, 2008
Date published: March 25, 2008
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Word Count: 505
Times Read: 592
Story Length: 1