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"New Project!!! Quickie"

Quickie  by Cheeseliker


He thrust in and out, in and out, and she moaned in ecstacy. He pushed her against the stall wall, making it squeak more and more. He grunted rythmically, plunging into her faster and faster. 

"Oh yes." She said, and again. "Oh yes."

He had to hurry up, so he went harder and faster. The slap-slap of skin pounding skin grew louder.

He grabbed her **** and squeezed hard. Her mouth formed an O and she closed her eyes.

"**** yeah..." He grunted closing his own eyes, feeling the pleasure. His phone buzzed on the floor. "****." He said, his eyes opening. "****. ****" ****. ****." He repeated pushing in each time.

"Harder, harder, harder, harder!" She whispered.

He switched one hand from her **** to her breast. They were really getting into it now. They were like a machine, moving forward then back quicker and quicker. The squeaking of the stall wall became constant.

"Oh my god!" She called out.

"****!" He yelled, finishing. He stayed in for a moment, relishing the afterglow of pleasure. His phone buzzed again. "****."

He pulled out and she sighed. He threw his clothes on and grabbed his phone. She clothed herself, smiling. 

They burst out of the stall and washed their hands, grinning at eachother. They embraced and had a quick kiss.

"Sorry baby. I gotta go. Lunchtime's over."  

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  'Quickie' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: May 1, 2009
Date published: May 1, 2009
Comments: 10
Tags: penetration, porn, quickie, sex
Word Count: 300
Times Read: 2357
Story Length: 4
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (6 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (19 votes)