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"dream there's eugene"

New Horizons  by Charlie

Sunrise awakens me as it peeks through the half-open blinds in the east window of my bedroom.  Somehow, I don't seem to feel like getting up yet; so comfortable here in bed with Mr. G (my cat) sleeping, indeed snoring, so soundly and so peacefully. 

"What a great new morning!" I ponder.   "Mr. G, are you going to sleep all day?" I ask my sleeping friend.  He opens one eye slightly, looks toward me, and quickly puts his head back down to sleep.

"Ah, well", I mumble as I slide out of bed, trying hard not to disturb Mr. G too much.  "I'll get up now and try to get moving.  You can stay here and sleep if you want to."

As I get out of bed, I notice a white envelope on the floor near my bedroom door, as though it had been slipped under the door by someone.  "But who?" I mused.  "I live here alone, and nobody else has keys to my place except the landlord.  Someone must have something quite important to tell me if they went through the trouble of having the landlord open my apartment for such a thing!"

I walk over to the door, reach down and pick up the envelope.  Turning it over, I read the hand-written address information: "Eugene's Dream".  I open the envelope and pull out a folded piece of notebook paper with the following message:

"Greetings!  You have been selected to receive a gift of $10,000 cash, if you can meet the gift donor's requirements within 72 hours.  Complete instructions are available by dialing (777) 777-7777 by 11:00 a.m. today.  You will be asked to enter a password; please enter '07734'.

You must not discuss this with anyone else until the 72 hour period is over, and you must not miss any of the deadlines and milestones described duing the phone call in order to qualify for receipt of this gift.  Good luck!"

"Wow!" I say aloud.  "What the heck is this all about?"  I sit on the sofa, somewhat because of being flabbergasted by the note, and somewhat because I nearly tripped over the coffee table in my anxiety!  As I sit there, I cannot help but wonder "Why me?  Who could be behind such a thing?  I wonder what is required of me?  I must call that number right away!"

I rise from the sofa, pick up the cordless phone from its base cradle hanging on the kitchen wall, and begin dialing all those sevens 7777777777; click; hummm; click; 'enter password please'; (I enter 07734 as instructed); bzzz; humm; click...

"Hello! Welcome to Lucky Sevens!  This might truly be YOUR LUCKY DAY!  You have dialed this number because you have received written invitation to acquire $10,000 for carrying out my Seven Simple Steps to Success.  You will have 72 hours, commencing at the end of this call, to complete those Steps to Success.

Upon completion of all Seven Simple Steps to Success, you must make your finalization call to this number, enter your password, and follow instructions to finalize and confirm your completion. 

My system will automatically produce your reward check for $10,000, and it will be mailed to you within 24 hours at the address we have on record!  You must use your $10,000 reward toward good and beneficial goals and objectives, including (but not limited to):

Giving to established Charities and  Non-Profit Social Help Groups; Providing food, clothing, shelter for homeless, impoverished, or other underprivileged members of Society at large; Providing health care resources, medications, or other personal health and hygiene needs for homeless, impoverished, or other underprivileged members of Society at large; Providing any other positive, beneficial, Socially responsible help and support toward the good of all.

Thank you for your call to Lucky Sevens!  I look forward to presenting your reward of $10,000 within the next few days!  And, thank you for your commitment to help extend a much needed hand to our fellow Brothers and Sisters throughout the World! 

Your first Step is to provide your full name now: (I enter my name on the keypad); Your Second Step is to provide your mailing address now: (I enter my mailing address); Your Third Step is to provide your home telephone number now: (I enter my phone number); Your Fourth Step is to provide your cell phone number (if applicable) now:  (I enter my cell phone number); Your Fifth Step is to provide your draft outline for how you will utilize your $10,000 reward.  You must email that to seven@sevens.net by midnight tonight for approval. Approval notification will be made within three hours, via return email; Your Sixth Step is to provide your final outline based on the return email changes, if any, by noon tomorrow; Your Seventh Step is to start a website or blog or social networking site aimed toward spreading good and peace and love across the globe. Your website or blog must be at least 'under construction' by the end of the 72 hour period (that is, it must be named and published to the web, even if it is not yet web-prominent).

Please enter 70707 to save this call to your private voice mailbox on my system.  Access your mailbox anytime by calling Lucky Sevens main number and entering 70707.  

Good luck! Welcome to Lucky Sevens! Good Bye for now, and thank you, again, for dreaming!"   

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Date created: April 23, 2008
Date published: April 23, 2008
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