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Rules  by CeeCee

Kamille cringed inside, but smiled on the outside as his hand ran up her leg under the dinner table. She wanted to run, and hide but she couldn't. She wanted to remind him that he had a wife at home, and children but she couldn't. All she could do was sit there, and look pretty just the way he wanted.

"Well it was nice doing business with you gentleman." He said to the three other men that sat at the dinner table with them.

She watched them all shake hands closing the business deal they just made.

"Well I hope you have a good night." One of the men said looking over Kamille's body with lust in his eyes. "And if he can't handle you I will be staying in room 613." He laughed.

Although he laughed she knew he was serious. She had rules to her operation, and he was trying to break them. She wouldn't allow any of her rules to be broken under any circumstances.

"He can handle me just fine." She said in a seductive tone offering him a wink.

All the men shared a hardy laugh before leaving the table, leaving Kamille and her date for the night alone. Kamille knew that dreadful moment was approaching, and her stomach began doing flip flops. She felt as if she were going to vomit, but held it back and forced herself to smile.

"Well looks like it's just you and me now." He said rubbing his big dry hand against her small framed back. "Let's head up to our room. I got our usual."

Most people would consider the hotel they were in lavish, and top of the line. From the heated pools, spa's, five star resturants, casino, shops, and much more it had everything a potential guest could possibly want. But not for Kamille...this hotel was her absolute nightmare. She had been here one too many times, with one too many men. Everytime she stepped into the hotel's lobby her heart would sink into her stomach.

Kamille wanted to slap the smile that was plastered on his face off, but instead she nodded in agreement and stood to her feet. Everytime she was with him or any other man for that matter she died a little inside.

Her hair bounced up and down off her shoulders, as her heels clicked on the marble floors across the hotels lobby. All eyes were on her as they usually were. Some women looked at her with frowned up faces, while men drooled at her natural beauty. She wondered did they know her secret, she wondered could they sense it.

When the elevator door opened she stepped inside, and attempted to mentally prepare herself for what was to happen next. She couldn't think straight, because as soon as the elevator doors closed he was all over her like a hungry lion.He was breaking her rule...no public display of affection. Meaning nothing happens until they get in there room.

He planted sloppy wet kisses all over her neck, and face leaving that nasty saliva smell. Instead of cringing she smiled, and groped his tiny manhood that was now poking out of his pants.

"You know my rules." She whispered in his ear before pushing him back.

When the elevator doors opened she walked down the hall towards their usual room with him close on her heels panting like a dog. He used the room key to open the door, and they both stepped inside.

"Give me one second." She said before going into the bathroom.

She sat on the edge of the jacuzzi, and caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror that was across from her. She quickly turned away not wanting to look at her image in the mirror. She was ashamed of who she had become but didn't know how to stop.

"Baby come on!" He yelled outside the door.

"Coming." She said softly.

She quickly hopped up and began taking off her clothes revealing the sexy lingere she had been wearing.

"Here we go." She mumbled before exiting the bathroom.

She looked at him laying on the bed watching porn that he had ordered on the hotel's t.v. She hated when guys watched porn, because they often wanted her to perform what they watched...but not her she had rules.

"Are you ready?" She asked getting his attention.

He looked her over with lustful eyes, and hopped out of the bed. He touched everywhere imaginable while she pretended to be enjoying it.

'Another day another dollar.' She thought as she began to zone out.


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Date created: Feb. 26, 2009
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