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Jersey Girl  by CeeCee

Aneesa looked around her dorm room in amazement. The white paint on the walls was beginning to chip, and it was a pretty tight space but the school managed to shove two twin side beds in there. An oak desk sat between the two beds with barely enough space to fit. 

She peered out the window that was on the opposite side of the room at all the traffic that was rushing by. Everyone seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere, people were hustling and bustling by eachother occasionally bumping shoulders without saying excuse me. Aneesa had never seen so many cabs in one area in her life.

"You must be my roomate." She heard a female voice say from behind.

She turned around to see a female with a suitcase in her hand. She was slender, dark skinned, and had long bright red loc's that fell past her shoulders.

"I suppose I am." Aneesa said extending her hand. "I'm Aneesa."

"Gizelle." She said before shaking Aneesa's hand, and giving her a once over. "Where you from sounding like that?"

"Mississippi!" Aneesa said proudly.

"Mississippi." Gizelle repeated. "Your a long way from home now sistah."

"Where are you from?" Aneesa asked not recognizing her accent. She sounded like a woman trying to sound rough or manly.

"Jersey baby!" Gizelle said throwing her hands in the air.

She watched Gizelle throw her suitcases on top of one of the twin size beds, and pull out her laptop.

"I'm partying tonight. You down?" Gizelle asked while punching keys on her mini computer.

"Oh...no I'm not really that type." Aneesa answered. "I'm gon' just stay here and get settled in."

"You got plenty of time to settle in Mississippi!" Gizelle insisted.

"I guess your right." Aneesa said.

"Good then it's settled!" Gizelle said before closing her laptop.


Aneesa wasn't allowed to go to clubs back home so this was a completly new experience for her. She looked around the smoke filled room trying to figure out how people were managing to breathe in there.

She sat at the bar next to Gizelle, and a few of her friends that they picked up on the way to the club. While the other girls drank alcoholic beverages Aneesa sipped on coke.

"This club is dope your gonna love it here!" Gizelle yelled over the music. "I always use to come here when I lived out this way."

Aneesa gave her a light smile, while in her mind she cursed herself for coming. This wasn't her scene at all she thought as she watched two women dance seductively together.

"Where are all the men?" She asked Gizelle as she looked around the room.

Gizelle burst out into laughter, and turned to tell her friends what Aneesa just asked. Aneesa couldn't figure out what was so funny, but she laughed along also so she wouldn't be left out.

"Shorty this is an all girls club." One of Gizelle's friends answered. "No men allowed!" She laughed.

Aneesa had never heard of an all girls club, but since she didn't go to clubs she wouldn't really know about that anyway.

She watched the same girl that answered her question walk over to another female, and start dancing with her. 'I would feel akward dancing like that with a girl.' Aneesa thought as she watched them.

She knew she would never see anything like this back home, and that's why she moved to NewYork because it was different. NewYork didn't have as many rules as Mississipi did, it seemed like here everyone could do what they pleased.

"You have to relax." Gizelle said while dancing infront of Aneesa.

"I'm relaxed." Aneesa lied.

"Were all just having fun here." Gizelle assured her while taking her hands and pulling her off the bar stool she had been sitting on.

"Do you know how to dance?" Gizelle asked before placing her hands on Aneesa's hips.

Aneesa moved back a little feeling alarmed. What was Gizelle doing she wondered.

"Relax." Gizelle said pulling Aneesa back towards her. "I'm going to teach you how we dance in Jersey."

"And how's that?" Aneesa asked.

"Like this!" Gizelle said while seductivly grinding her body against Aneesa's.

Aneesa froze up unsure of what to do. She had no clue what Gizelle was doing, and it made her feel weird. At that moment she wanted to be home...she wanted to be safe in Mississippi.

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Date created: Feb. 20, 2009
Date published: Feb. 20, 2009
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