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The Return of Daddy  by CeeCee

Asiya's palms began to sweat as she turned the knob on the door to her mother's room. The fall wind began to blow the long curtains letting in a nice breeze.

Asiya wanted to retrieve the compostion notebook she wrote her mother's ending in, and destroy it. She wanted to leave no evidence that she was involved with her mother's death.

The old hardwood floors creaked as Asiya made her way across the room, and near the bed. She ran her fingers along her mothers hankerchief that she used when she had her coughing fits.

She could still smell the scent of the oils she made Aneesa, and her rub her down with daily. She believe the natural oils would heal her one day.

Asiya pushed a few strands of her curly hair out of her face, before sitting on the edge of the bed. As much as she despised her mother at times she wished she was still there.

The wind from the window blew the door shut, and the slamming noise made Asiya jump to her feet. She put her hand over her chest attempting to catch her breath.

"Lord let me just find this book and get out of here." She mumbled while searching under the covers for the book.

After searching under the covers, she searched the drawer in the night stand next to the bed. She knew her mother was far to weak to hide the book anywhere that wasn't near the bed.

She rattled through papers as quickly as she could, but there was still no sign of the book. She looked under the bed, but discovered it was nothing there.

'Maybe the coroner took it with him.' She thought plopping down on the bed facing the forbidden closet. Asiya's curiosity began to get the best of her, as she stared at the white door with the rusty gold knob.

"You girls better not ever go in there or I will chop those little fingers of yours off!" She remembered her mother saying. Aneesa and Asiya had always wondered what she kept in that closet, that she didn't want them to see.

"Well she ain't here now!" Asiya reasoned nearing the door.

She could hear her heart beating as her finger tips touched the knob.

She turned the handle, and pulled the door open causing a heap of papers and books to fall out all around her.

She quickly bent down and began picking them up, and stuffing them back in the box they had fallen out of. A bright red photo album caught her eye, and she opened it up.

The first couple of pictures were just of her mother when she was alot younger. In every picture she was dressed in all black, and never smiled. Something about her eyes scared Asiya. Her eyes always had a mysterious look, that could easily be explained as looking evil.

 The next couple of pictures were of Asiya and her sister posing infront of the Christmas tree when they were younger.

Asiya smiled as she flipped through the album and went down memory lane. She placed the photo album back in the cardboard box, and pushed the box back into the closet.

The closet was full of cardboard boxes, and Asiya wondered what was inside of them. She pulled one of the boxes out, and peeked inside. This box contained papers that were stapled together, but they looked like copies. She could see the lines the copier maching must have left on the papers.

On the front of one it read "Mother". Asiya opened and began to read the first page. She immediatly knew what it was right away. Her mother had written a story about her own mother. She flipped to the back desiring to read the ending.

"A car came rushing toward Miriam, and as bad as she wanted to she couldn't move out the way. The car smashed into her feeling like a ton of bricks. Sadly, she died instantly." Asiya read aloud.

She read the last sentence over and over in horror, realizing her mother had purposely killed her own mother.

She looked through the box and read more titles. There was "Aunt Claudia", "Brother Kenneth", "Aunt Claire", "Father", and atleast ten more. Every ending that Asiya flipped to made her gasp. Some were written horrible deaths, while others died peacefully...but in the end they all died.

"She killed all these people." Asiya mumbled stuffing the papers back into the box as fast as she could.

"I told you she was the devil." A male said from behind startling her.

Asiya jumped up, and faced him holding her fist up preparing to fight.

"How did you get in here!?!" She asked the older man who was casually leaning in the doorway.

"Well the door was unlocked so I let myself in." He said.

"Daddy?" She quizzed while slowly lowering her fist.

He looked the same as when she was little, just a little older and now his hair was a salt and pepper color.

"In the flesh." He said.

She wanted to run and hug him, but she was too afraid. She had so many questions for him, so much she needed to know.

"This old house still looks the same." He said looking around the room.

"Yeah mamma wasn't a big fan of change." Asiya said while putting the papers back into the box neatly.

"What you got there?" He asked. "And what was that about her killing people that you said?"

Asiya didn't answer him she just kept putting the papers in the box. She didn't want to talk about what she read, she wanted to forget everything.

"You hear me talking to you?" He said raising his voice.

"It's just some stuff mamma wrote." She answered while pushing the box into the closet and closing the door. "I shouldn't have been reading it in the first place."

"Who she kill?" He asked.

Asiya sighed, and lowered her head.

"Her family." She answered.

He grunted, and turned and began walking down the hallway.

"Where you going?" Asiya asked following him towards the front door.

"I'm leaving the devil's house...it was a mistake coming here." He said turning the knob to open the door.

"What about me?" Asiya asked.

He looked her over for a moment in silence.

"If you were a smart girl you'd leave too!" He said. "Your mamma was an evil woman...only good thing she done was birthed two beautiful girls. You ain't safe in this house Asiya...soon you will be just like your mother."

And with that said he left. He never looked back, never saw the tears rolling down Asiya's cheeks, and never saw the pain in her eyes.



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