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This Is No Fairytale, Its Called reality {Not How You Pictured It}  by Cassie52993

/.:This Is No Fairytale, Its Called Reality:.\

{Not How You Pictured It}




September 7th, 2009

Dear Diary,

I was in so much trouble the other week after my parents found out that I had snuck out. I came home so out of it. I cant even remember what happened at the party or when I came home. All I know is that I had the biggest hang over in the history of hang over’s. Its been three and a half weeks and that night is still a blur to me…ugh…I feel sick. I’ve been waking up all sick and dizzy for the past few days now. My back has been aching a little, too. Well…ugh…time for school…(sighs in pain)


-At School-

I was by my locker, grasping tightly on the door. I was feeling a little dizzy and nauseous again. I think I should go to the nurse.

“Yo, Katie Kay-Kay. K-K-K-Kay! K.D.” Steven I thought to myself. “So, that party couple weeks back was ballin‘.” I fake smile and nod my head not remembering what happened there. “Well of course you do.” He smiles.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked curiously. Steven is a jock and all the girls adore him-except me, he’s my best friend (who’s a guy) and it would just be weird. I don’t see why they would, though, he plays girls as well as he plays football, and that is like a pro.

“You don’t remember?” I slightly shook my head. “Well, as wasted as you were that night, I wouldn’t of remembered either.” He glanced behind me. “There‘s yo man right ov’r there.” I looked in the direction he was referring to. Down the hall a little ways there was a tall, well built and fit, extremely handsome guy. “Yo, Andrew.” He walked towards us.

“Hey man. What‘s up?” They did a little handshake.

Steven looked at him, then at me, then back to him and smiled. “You member yo girl, Katie, from the party few weeks back?” He went around the other side of Andrew and shoved him at me.

“Um, not really. No. That party is really a blur to me. I hardly remember a thing.” He looked at a group of girls that were walking this way. They were so beautiful and, obviously, the “it” girls in the school.

“Andrew, baby.” One of them said. She was tall, thin, and beautiful. She looked like a model with silky gold curls. She was obviously the “leader of the pack.” The “Queen B,” the “alpha” of them all. She went up to him, pushed me aside, and started rubbing her greasy, perfect little manicured fingers all over his physically fit body. I was trying to ignore the sight for it disgusted me to see her acting like he was a piece of meat or something. Steven looked a little annoyed and intrigued at the same time. Andrew was smiling, yet looked like he didn’t like it either- my opinion.


September 7th, 2009 -evening

Dear Diary,

It seems like everyone knows what went on at the party, except me…Something weird is going on. I started my period this morning, but today at lunch, nothing. I wore a new pad just in case it would just come flowing back. It’s now 6:36 in the evening, and still nothing. Maybe I’ll go to the free clinic, I cant go to the family doctor because they’ll tell my parents and besides, they help teens with predicaments, I‘ll go at lunch. I wont tell my parents, though, because there gunna think something is wrong and if its nothing then I don’t want them to fuss over nothing. You know how parents are. Well, dinner time…I’ll write again tomorrow to inform a little…ttyl…



-free clinic-

I walked into the big blue doors of the free clinic. Shannon M. Lawrence is the doctor. I hurriedly walked up to the counter. The counter was long with a lot of fliers, pamphlets, condoms, suckers, and a computer. Behind the computer was a black haired girl who looked to be around her early twenties; I’d say around twenty-two. She was talking on the office phone all *bubbly like. She noticed me but kept on talking.

After what seemed like forever, she finally set the phone down, looked at me, and let out a sigh. “Can I help you, miss?”

“Um, is Dr. Lawrence here?” I looked at her.

She looked at me and shouted, “Hey, Shannon. You have another one.” No response. “Just sit down there. It’ll be another minute or so.” I walked to the seat she had pointed at and sat a while. Dr. Lawrence is a doctor for teens only. She knows why we teens come and see her every day of the week, its an obvious. No information is asked until you are in her office with her. I started to dream in my own little world.

The lights were dimmed and Dreaming With A Broken Heart by John Mayer was playing in the background. I sat there in a dark corner watching everyone dancing with there partners. Everyone was paired up, everyone seemed happy. Bang! The door flung open with a big gush of wind. Everyone stopped and turned to see who had entered the room, except me. Its just going to be another couple showing off their “coupleness.”

I could hear footsteps coming towards me. Soft whispers could be heard through out the room. I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I turned to see that it was Andrew. He asked for my hand, I gave it to him. He walked me to the dance floor. Everyone circled around us smiling and some whispering again. He gently put his hands on my waist. I grasped gently on his shoulders, he then grabbed my wrists and put my arms around his neck. I felt my face grow warm.

Everything and everyone that were around us soon vanished. The room soon was filled with complete darkness. The only light that filled the room was a single spotlight that shone upon us. He leaned in and so did I…

“Miss. Miss.” I finally realized they were addressing me. “Mrs. Lawrence will see you now.” I nodded and walked towards the door that read ‘Dr. Shannon M. Lawrence.’

I knocked and I heard a voice say ‘come in.’ I opened the door, slowly making my way inside the room. I closed the door behind me and turned to see a blonde haired, blue eyed woman who seemed to be around her mid thirties, maybe, smiling at me. “Have a seat.” I did immediately. “So..” She looked at me.

“Katie.” I said assuming she was wanting my name.

“Katie. Hi,” I smiled. “I‘m going to ask you to fill out a few paper work so I could add it to my other many wonderful files I have here.” She emphasized on wonderful. I nodded. She then handed me a small packet of papers and a pen. She pointed to a small wooden desk in a little corner of the room. “If you would, please.” I nodded and walked over to the desk, sat down, and started.

Some of the questions were:

Have you had any sexual intercourse with any male/female of the sort?


Have you ever had any drugs, alcohol, etc. of any sort?

Yes. Alcohol.

Have you ever passed out while/or after the use of drugs/and or alcohol?

Umm. Yes.

Just to name a few.

I just had to finish some paper work and make an appointment. My appointment is set for Friday.


I was walking back to school with my headphones in my ear listening to Into the Ocean by Blue October. I noticed a male figure sitting by the school doors. I couldn’t tell who it was because his face was hidden by his jacket hood.

I pulled on the door so it would open, but it wouldn’t. “Its locked.” The guy said. I just ignored him and started banging on the door. “No ones there. They’re all at an assembly in the auditorium.” He took his hood off and looked at me. Andrew.

“Then why are you sitting out here?”

He stood up. “Same as you. Locked out.”

“Oh.” Silence. “Then how do you know they‘re all in the auditorium?”

“I was in there, but came out here.”




“Yeah.” He leaned against the wall and then looked at me. “Hey. You wanna get outta here? The thing is over when school is out. I can bring you right back before the bell.”

“Um.” I looked down the street a ways down. “Why not?” I smiled, so did he.

“My car is this way.” He pointed at the schools parking lot.


September 8th, 2009

Dear Diary,

I had the most amazing time! Andrew took me to the mall and bought me like a ton of things. I told him not to, but he insisted he’d buy them.

We took pictures, too. They’re hanging on my wall right now. He is so much fun to hang out with. I think I’m starting to like him…lately I’ve been eating and peeing a LOT. I think its just a teenage thing, you know? I’m not sure though…ugh…


-Two Days Later-

September 9th, 2009

Dear Diary,

I went to see Dr. Lawrence for my appointment and she did a lot of tests. IDK why she did them, though, I guess its just a “doctor” type thing. She gave me a lot of things on pregnancy and what to do if you don’t want to keep the baby. You could either have an abortion, or consider adoption. She also gave me a lot of condoms and birth control pills. She said they were for next time I decided to have sex. Next time? I was freaking out. I’ve never had sex before in my life. I’m still a virgin... The party. I thought to myself. Then after a minute, or so, I soon realized I had had sex with a complete stranger! But who?

A couple more things were said and she asked if I could come back sometime next week…so, next week I go back and she wants to examine me further more. Ugh…pain again…


September 14th, 2009

Dear Diary,

I found out a little about what happened at the party. Other than losing my virginity. Here’s the story from where I remember it:

It started out at home.

“Hey, mom. Can I go out with some friends tonight?”

“Where you guys going?” Curiosity filled her voice.

“No where special.”

She sat in an upward position staring me in the eyes. “Katie, are you going on a date with a guy?” She smiled. Most parents wouldn’t like the idea of their only daughter, and only child, to be going out. My mother was different, though. She never had any freedom when she was a teenager. She wasn’t allowed to date or go out with her friends. She was always locked away in her room. She always snuck out, though, and she ended up having me.

My father on the other hand, knows what’s on “all” teenager boys minds, since he used to be one. (He’s the reason I snuck out and ended up being grounded. Jerk.) He doesn’t let me do anything, much. “Katie?”

“Huh? Oh, not really no.” I looked at her.

“Well, use protection.” She smiled and got up as soon as she heard my father walk in.

“Protection for what?” He knew what she meant.

My mother looked at him. “Katie has a date tonight with a boy.” She squealed.

“What do you mean date? With who? Your not going any where with any boy, got it?”

“Its not a da-” He cut me off.

“Don’t start with me Kat.” I hated when he called me Kat. I’m not a furry little rat who uses its tongue to lick itself clean. I don’t cough up hairballs, I don’t eat mice. Kat.

I stood up. “…” I was going to say something but thought other wise. I just turned around and went upstairs to my bedroom.

I stayed locked in my room with the door locked. Steven texted me and said he’d pick me up in half an hour. I told him I’d meet him down the street and explained to him why.

All I remember about the party is drinking tons of punch. I remember glimpses, but there a little blurry. IDK. Well that’s all I remember. I heard a lot of things from Steven. I’m just going to jot them down as fast as I can.

Steven said I was drinking a lot, which was a bad thing because somebody had spiked the punch. They put numerous mixtures of alcohol in there-over three.

Anyways, he said I was dancing on top of tables in my *knickers- love that word. Any who, I was dancing on top of an antique table, I slipped, and fell into some very muscular arms. He said we were both very drunk and we started to flirt and make out. Well, one thing led to another, and we ended up in a room! Guess what else! The guy was none other than Andrew. I slept with him and didn’t even know it.

Well, Steven said we were out cold for a while. There were other things that happened between the time they found us and the time we woke up. I forgot most of what he had said… I’m tired and a little *giddy…


September 21st, 2009

Dear Diary,

In the past week Andrew and I have been hanging out every day. He came to my house for dinner two days ago. My dad wasn’t too happy about it, but my mom was all jolly like because I brought a guy home. I kept explaining to her that he was just a friend, she thought it was just “girl code” so my dad wouldn’t think that.

All in all, the night went great. He (Andrew) was so polite and well mannered to my parents, even though my mother tried to act like a teenager again and was like totally psycho, and my father was “polishing” his gun. He said he liked my parents.

We talk a lot. I asked him if he remembered anything about the party. The only thing that he said he remembered is that he came with Lacee, and that he woke up in his bed. I said the same thing, except that I came with Steven. He told me what some people, as in Steven, had told him. He told him what he told me, about how he ended up catching me and how one thing led to another. He apologized for taking my innocence. I said it was ok, but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure if I really thought it was…he suggested that I take a pregnancy test to see if I wasn’t pregnant…I told him about how I’ve been a little giddy, tired more, hungry, peeing constantly, my back aching a little, and so on…and that’s when he suggested that…he also said that I should tell my parents…I don’t want to tell them…IDK if I should or not…tired now…



The bell had just rung for class. Everyone scurries away from there lockers and friends to head towards class. Nervously I look for Andrew. There he is. He’s walking down the hall with Steven laughing and talking all joyously.

Steven pointed at me, Andrew looked and smiled. They came up to me. “I‘ll let you two love birds “chat” a bit.” Steven said while shoving Andrew into me so that his muscular body was trapping me in a corner so I couldn’t move.

“Steven,” a familiar girls voice shouted, “what do you think you’re doing shoving my man into that,” she looked me up and down from head to toe, “that tub of lard? I mean look at her.” She looked at me. “She‘s so big and tub-”

Andrew stopped her before she could say anymore. “Lacee, aren’t you supposed to be in class?” He walked up to her holding her by the waist and whispered something in her ear.

“Fine. Only ‘cause its you.” She looked at me again. This time it looked like she wanted to pounce on me then and there and start ripping my hair out. He started to turn around when she grabbed him. She did a full on lip lock, still staring me down. After what seemed like eternity she let him go. She smiled and he turned around and looked at me, then turned his gaze towards Steven. “See you tonight.” She then walked off.

“Can I talk to you?” I was referring to Andrew.

Steven lightly hit Andrews arm to get his attention. “Hey, I’m gunna head out.” He nodded. “Later, Kay.” I nodded and smiled a little.

“So what’s up?”

I was silent.

“Katie?” He came up to me. “You alright?”

I nodded. We stood there for a couple minutes. He sat down and I sat next to him. Nearly ten minutes had passed by without any talking, then I decided to say something. “Um, could you, could you come to my house tonight around 6:00?”

“Yeah. Sure. What for though?”

“I‘m going to take a pregnancy test like you said I should,” I paused. “and, I want you there with me when I take it…”

“Oh, well, I have plans with Lacee for tonight,” he looked at me “I‘ll be there. I promise.” I smiled. He gave me a hug. We both stood up and he walked me to my class.

September 22nd, 2009

Dear Diary,

I told my parents after school what happened at the party. I was surprised. My father didn’t yell at me or anything. Sure, he was mad, you could tell from his voice and the way he was squeezing the couch cushion. My mother jumped up when I told them. She rushed over to me and hugged me. Congrats she said….I’ll write more about it later…Andrew just drove up….

- Katie

I hurried down the stairs trying to get to the door before my parents could. Too late. My mom hugged him very tightly and my dad just stood there looking at him.

“Mr. Rodriguez.” Andrew said a little nervously, putting his hand out so my father could shake it.

He just looked at his hand. He then grasped it firmly shaking it. “Andrew.”

They just stood there for a minute in silence. “Andrew…” I broke the silence. “Mom, dad. Do you mind?” I pointed up stairs.

My mom shook her head no. My dad just looked at her. “I want that door kept open.” I nodded in agreement and motioned for Andrew to come.

Andrew sat on my bed while I went into my bathroom to pee on that little “magic wand” that makes men disappear. I did what I had to do and came out of the bathroom. I laid the stick on my dresser and sat next to Andrew. He rubbed my arm in order to comfort me.

A few minutes passed. He looked at his watch. “Its time.” He looked up at me. “You ready?” I nodded.

I arose to my feet, taking steady steps to my dresser. I carefully picked it up. I looked at it and stood there. Andrew then came and looked at it…

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