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A Piece I Forgot To Put In A Story  by CThompson48

Okay, so I wrote a book and I have a short story in it that talks about taking a trip to the grocery store call Super-Food-O-Mart. This is an idea I forgot to put in the story but I figured, what better place could there be to share this little excerpt. I thought, "Why not here?" So here is a piece of what my story writing is like, the comedy side of it. Enjoy!

"While walking down the tremendously long isle, I looked to see if there was anybody else around. I looked left. I looked right. I even looked to a certain height. Knowing that nobody else was around, I had an idea that I was going to make a reality. An idea I think anybody would find highly entertaining.

I pushed the shopping cart as hard as I could while running like a road runner on a rocket. I hopped onto the back and started to fly down the isle at about a hundred miles an hour! (well not really) I was speeding past everything, seeing nothing but blurry walls and flying colors. I was soon to approach the end of the isle.

I looked ahead and saw the end of the isle abroad. I was thinking about bailing out and let the cart fly, put one foot down and slow it down or drift around the corner. I was already at the end so with all my weight I shifted to the right side as the cart went with me. I was going smooth and slow with my hair flying behind me (thanks to cinematic effects that just so happened to appear at the moment). I felt like the king of the world. Knowing me, I went with the third option which was a stupid idea.

Suddenly, I was thrown off the cart. Skidding across the tile floor and into a massive pyramid of canned corn and tapioca pudding. A roaring tumble of falling cans was heard all over the four corners of the store. I was now buried in canned corn and tapioca. As for the shopping cart...well...it didn't make it. Poor fella.

I slowly emerged from the pile covered in the stuff and yelled "I'M OOOOOKKKAAAYYY!" and just fell back down. A noise of what was assumed to be static was heard all over the store. A wispy voice spoke into it saying "Clean up on isle 3!". Never again will I do that."

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Date created: Feb. 19, 2010
Date published: Feb. 19, 2010
Comments: 3
Tags: cart, funny, humor, random, weird
Word Count: 432
Times Read: 371
Story Length: 1