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CSI-Snickers Fan Fic  by CSISidle

             (15 years ago)

 Sara was sitting on the couch minding her own business when my father burst into the room screaming something. He was obviously drunk. She threw her homework in my backpack and tried to leave the room before he could see her. “Hold on there girl” He yelled at her back. She cringed at the amount of venom he had spun into his words. She slowly turned around to face him. He stepped closer to to her. “Where have you been today?” He asked sternly eyeing her. “At school dad” she replied quickly wanting to get out of there. “Oh really? Why did I get this letter, giving me your paycheck for working at McDonalds this past month? Hmm, tell me that!” He stepped closer to her. “I work there after school! Give it!” she shouted jumping for it. He was quicker than me; he stepped aside and laughed as she tumbled head first into the kitchen counter. She stood up slowly, holding her head. “That’s right, I am always better” He stepped enough to grab her chin and hold it up. “Stupid girl” He mumbled after a while.

            He released her and she stumbled over to my backpack. “Go, that’s right run you whore.” He called after her, throwing a vase at the door she had just closed. she walked into my room. her sanctuary. she sat down on the bed and tended to the goose egg that had started to form on her forehead. the door came crashing down into the room making her jump a foot in the air. “I wasn’t done with you girl” He slurred his words together.  He grabbed her arm and spun her around onto the ground by the mirror. He then picked her back up by her arm and drug her out to the living room despite her protests of dragging her feet on the ground. He threw her to the ground. “You are a stupid girl. You will never get out of here” He cried throwing an old photo album at her. she was crab walking to be safe under the counter overhang. He kept throwing things at her, but once he picked up my mothers photo she jumped up and screamed. “NO! You can’t!” she cried trying to grab it as he held it over her head. “Oh so your weakness” He laughed. she grabbed his strong wrist to pull it down. He took his free hand and pinned her against the wall. He threw my mothers picture to the floor, despite my shrieks and faced her. “Not so tough now are you?” He said laughing as he moved his arm up to my neck. she squeezed my eyes shut. He took his other hand and punched me in the gut. “Sara” she heard someone call her name unable to open my eyes. “Sara!” They called again. she opened her eyes to see Nick Stokes looking at her from across the table.


 (Current day)

Nick was looking at her through his lab goggles. “Hmm? What? What happened?”   She asked groggily. “You were sleeping again. Did you just pull like three doubles in a row or something?” Nick laughed. “Not funny and yes” She mumbled. “Sara you should really go home.” He advised. She just shook her head, while rubbing her eyes. “No, I have to finish this case” She said stumbling out the door. She almost fell if it hadn’t been for Nick’s quick reflex that caught her as she fell asleep again. “Oh Geez” He mumbled as he picked her up like a baby doll and carried her out to his car.

            He didn’t mind the looks he got, just holding Sara Sidle meant the world to him. He opened his door with his knee and slid her into the back seat. He closed the door and walked to his seat. I looked in the rear view mirror just to get one more glimpse of her sleeping figure. Once at her house he grabbed her from out of the chair and walked her into the house. He knew where her spare key was. He slid her onto the too small twin bed that she had in her bedroom. “Night Sara” He whispered as he left a kiss on her forehead. She would never know. Before he closed and locked the door, he looked back to see the girl of his dreams. He didn’t know that what was about to unfold was going to mean misery to him.

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Date created: Dec. 30, 2007
Date published: Dec. 30, 2007
Comments: 2
Word Count: 949
Times Read: 2657
Story Length: 6
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