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"The Worthless Sunbeam"

Alone and Helpless  by Blob_bits

There was darkness all around her, Azalea stepped through the trees and came to a wide river. The water was flowing so swiftly that Azalea's eyes watered looking at its movement. Everything was full of life around her. Azalea was enjoying every dew and chirp that hit her.

She turned and looked up at the sun. Her eyes wide with shock, she looked at the bright shining sun. If sun was shining so brightly, her mother was probably..........

"Child, dear," something shaked her gently. her eyes flicked open so suddenly that all the frantic emotions disappeared.

The man was standing in front of her. She quickly got up. Her eyes were still very unfocused but her mind knew what to do.

"Mother?" Azalea ran into the hut, avoiding the man calling after her. Her mother was still lying on the mat, with blood everywhere around her. There was another mat nearby. Something stirred on it. The baby!

Azalea sat down next to her mother and waited patiently.

"Mother, you had a baby, mother, we have a new little member. I have a sibling, mother, Wake up............look at it"

"She won't. It was too late" Came a voice. Azalea turned to see the man standing at the door.

"She won't wake. Atleast Lord granted one life in exchange" he said.

Azalea's heart stopped. Her mind went numb. She couldn't see anything. Tears flooded, uncried tears that were held by the only sunbeam of hope. That sunbeam too disappeared, into the shadows, thought Azalea, where there's no sun.

The man comforted her. Azalea looked at him and mouthed 'Thank you'

The man was simply staring at Azalea's tear-strained face.

"It's a boy" he said atlast "It's a baby boy

"My mother........" Azalea started to cry again.

"We need to get a burial done. I am an abbott, my monastery is near the wheat crops. I'll talk to someone and we will let her soul rest"

"But money? How am I going to look after the baby? The landlord won't have someone here without the promised taxes"

"Rest your mind, child, Lord will rest everything else"

Azalea didn't want to hear anything about the God. he doesn't exist, she thought firmly. He doesn't listen to anyone, not even her kind mother.

"Go to the Landlord, I'll come with you, He needs to know this. You need money, not him. The child needs a mother or in a moon's time, it will have the same fate as your mother.

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Date created: April 10, 2009
Date published: April 10, 2009
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Tags: god, kings, landlord, middle-ages
Word Count: 765
Times Read: 332
Story Length: 1