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The Worthless Sunbeam  by Blob_bits
The day dawned on her, sunlight entering from each gap of the roof. Azalea gently lifted her eyes. She turned to face the other side of the room. The light threw bright sunbeams over the wall that made patterns on the damp floor. Azalea tried to follow each but it made its way to the shadow, no more bright and happy. She lied there, on her mat, staring at the patterns and wondering what held them all together?

Before long, she heard the same heavy breathing again, gasping for most of the air. She strained her ears and blocked them but that heavy breathing belonged to a person she loved and no matter what, she couldn't stop it.

Azalea got up and rushed straight to her mother. Her eyes were black and tired and her body was like a shrimp's. Her mother was lying on the ground, her belly's even bigger, Azalea realized.

Nine full moons had passed since she had been holding two lives instead of one. Azalea had been happier than ever to think that at last a sunbeam had entered their lives and her fate would keep it in their house as it had come to deliver a new member to their lost family. Lost.........ever since her father was executed. Ever since her innocent father was executed...........the only cause was the king.

"Dear" came a faint voice. Azalea looked down at the pale body of her mother.

"Yes, mother, are you awake now? How are you feeling mother? Do you..."

"Hush, Azalea, I am not fine, you need to get somebody....." she sighed, holding her belly tight. "soon, Azalea....get somebody" the same rows of panting continued, each even faster than the previous. Azalea turned and ran outside.

She came to a halt and looked at the rows of fields spreading around their hut. Who could she ask? She had never been outside their hut ever after the dreadful event. Her mother never let her. The sunlight was harsh on her skin but Azalea continued running.

 Her only hope was their landlord. He was a good person unlike many others. He even tried to save her father but power was something that cannot be won over by a nice heart. He never made them feel that he is much richer and much bigger than them, even though he was one of the noblemen and they were simple plain peasants. Azalea increased her pace when she saw the mansion in front of her. Her heart started to relax.

There were no guards or anyone outside the gate. Azalea abruptly stopped.

She started to shake with fear. She pulled her skirt tightly around her waist and and and stared at the closed gates. The landlord wasn't here. Nothing stirred around her. She became more and more anxious.

Without their landlord, she was lost. She knew no one around her. No one came to visit her or her mother. having a father executed was a big shame and no one came anymore. Her mother, when she came back from her long tiring day, used to tell her stories.  She used to tell her everything that hapenned to her but she never mentioned anyone. Maybe there was no one they could trust besides the landlord. Occasionally they used to visit his mansion.

She looked at the deep red sun, gradually going downwards and hiding from the world as it did every single day. Who could blame it? In a world like this, thought Azalea, even God wouldn't care.

She wondered how long it took for the baby to come out. She turned and started running back. There was no one around. The whole place was soul-less. Unsure of what to do, Azalea took the nearest path and started following it. It doesn't matter if she knew anyone or not, her mother needed help and she had to get it.

Sweat had been trickling down her face but Azalea didn't  wipe it off. What if she got lost? No one to take care of her mother. Her panting had increased and her feet weren't agreeing with her. She had lost the sight of the fields and all she knew was that the path will lead her somewhere she could get help.

She looked up at the blank sky. Was God watching her? Was he going to help her mother?

"If everyone hates you, there will be one person who will look at you the same way he looks at his daughters" her mother had said, pointing towards the roof of the house. She had meant God, the only savior on the world. Then why wasn't he helping her mother? Had he decided to run away too?

Something caught Azalea's eye. Another house. Not as big as the landlord's mansion but big enough to show her that the owner was a nobleman.

Her heart still thumping wildly, Azalea took hasty steps towards the house.

The door was pretty big, twice her size. She lifted the rusty handle and banged it twice.

She waited patiently for the answer and sure enough a maid opened the door.

"What do you want?"

"My mother is having a baby, she is terribly sick....." Azalea sighed and waited for the maid's answer

"So? What do you want?"

"My mother needs help.....If only you could come ...."

"My master is away and I have the house to take care of"

"I beg of you, she is terribly sick,"

"No, Let the lord be with you" she said and closed the door, muttering something that Azalea heard.

"What do you think I am? Should I go to a peasant's house spoiling Master's reputation?" the maid had muttered

Without any mercy, thought Azalea. She saw rows of houses behind the bushes. Azalea looked up and silently thanked the God.

"Dear lady, my mother is terribly sick, she needs attention, if you could"

"Your Highness, if only you could come with me to help my mother"

House after house, rejection after rejection, Azalea gave up. Tears were there all the time, except they wouldn't flow. They were stopped by words like 'Worthless peasants' ' What can you pay me? You don't have anything'

Azalea threw her body against a tree. She sat there tired and out of breath when she saw a man approaching.

"Dear man, my mother" Azalea spoke to him as soon as he came near "my mother" she started crying loudly

"Oh my lord, what has befall you?"

"My mother is terribly sick, she is having a baby.....She needs help" Azalea muttered, tired of speaking the same words.

Surprisingly, the man took her arm and made her show the way she came here. She looked at him and thought atleast one person has heart for us.

Their hut was silent. No panting. No heavy breathing. Azalea led the man inside to her mother lying down.

She's alright, Azalea made herself think, She's going to be the same again, happy and strong.

"You go outside, I will help her" he said pointing at her mother.

"Is she alive?" Azalea asked, her heart stopping after every second beat.

"She is alive but I don't think she is going to live after the birth. She might, if God wills"

Azalea nervously moved outside. God wills? How could she make a God will for her mother's life? How could she make him listen to her?

Azalea saw the sun going down slowly. There wasn't a sound coming out of their hut. The sun turned from yellow to orange and to its last colour, red. Azalea hoped for her mother's life more than the sun's existence 

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Date created: April 10, 2009
Date published: April 10, 2009
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Tags: fiction, god, history, middle-ages
Word Count: 2159
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