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The Escape Was Brilliant  by BigDog7701

Just at that moment the door crashed open.  Two shots rang out.  Over Roberts shoulder and into another agents chest.  I pushed Robert to the ground and jumped clear before firing again into the open empty space where the door now hung from one hinge, wood all splintered and broken.  Robert get behind cover.  Apparently the agent had a bullet proof vest on.  No one was coming through the door but, what I did see was that the agent had dropped his gun and his feet crawling away behing the wall.  It was quiet for a moment then suddenly a voice called out, "this is the FBI, you are surrounded, put down your weapon and come out with your hands up".  Robert whispered franyically, "what the hell is going on here, what are we going to do now"?  Shhhh, wait just wait let me think for a second.  They have us surrounded we are done for.  Hold on I have an idea.  I picked up the agents gun.  The agent that I shot is probably out cold.  They don't know that we have two guns yet.  I need you to do something, ok?  What do you mean I, I never even shot at anyone....  Listen, calm down the only way out of here is through that door do you understand or do you want to die.  Yes ok, ok no, what do you want me to do? Robert replied in a panicked state.  Look, they don't know we have his gun.  I am going to put this gun behind my back, see as I put it in my waist band behind my back.  I'll go through the door first and you come out close behind me, as soon as I drop my gun wait until it hits the floor as soon as it does I want you to pull the gun out of my waist band and start firing right at the agents.  Wait you mean kill someone I don't know if I can do that.  Listen, you have to pull yourself together and help me here.  Please we have no other choice.  Once you start to fire I will grab my gun and work my way around the divider and take out any of the other agents you did not get, ok?  Ok, ok I can do this I've been to the range many times and I'm a pretty good shot.  Good, lets do it.  Are you ready.  Yeah, lets get this over with.  Oh and uh, Robert aim for their heads they have vests on.  Oh God, I am shitting my pants Robert whispers once again.  Good, I replied, that will help you stay alive.   

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Date created: Jan. 4, 2009
Date published: Jan. 4, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: action, drama, suspense
Word Count: 496
Times Read: 780
Story Length: 1