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The Other Half  by Bethr92

Jess had been in a coma for three weeks now. Although she will occasionally open her eyes the doctors think that she is brain dead. They say that she has no hope, and that I should consider turning off the life support machine. I told them no. I would never do that to her. She is my life. 

It had happened so fast apparently. She had darted accross the road when a car was coming. The driver didn't realise that he had had his lights off untill he saw Jess. He flicked them on, but by then it was too late. She went under the car at 60mph, and was dragged along the road for ten meters. There hadn't been a hope for her. Her bottom right leg had been completely crushed. She would never walk again, unless it was prosthetic. Her head had been cracked open, which had saved her life. If not then the pressure on her brain from the resulting crash onto the road would of killed her.

Her face was all puffed up and cuts and bruises were all over her body. Yet she was still alive. She had a broken shoulder and her arm was fractured in three places. her knee cap wqas dislocated, though they had set everything again and it was all in casts.

There was still hope, wasn't there? Still hope for the one person that made my life complete? Surely she would pull through? Come back to me? I couldn't live without her constantly there, even if it was just in the background.

She was my one hope for survival, and now i was hers. My choice to turn off the life support, yet i choose not too. I choose for her to live longer than the doctors want. Brain dead or not.

There has to be hope.

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Date created: July 12, 2010
Date published: July 12, 2010
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Tags: dark, in, sitting, the
Word Count: 348
Times Read: 365
Story Length: 1