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"Sitting In The Dark" -> "Voice in The darkness"

Familiar Voices  by Bethr92

That voice was annoying me. It sounded so familiar - sort of hear it every day familiar - and yet i still could not place it, no matter how hard i tried. It was really fustrating.

The darkness still remained, and yet i was growing used to it by now. I could tell exactly where i was in the room by pacing, and yet i had no idea why i was there. There was no clues, noone came and there was nothing besides myself in the room. And apart from the light and the voice i was completely left alone. Which was confusing. if i was being held hostage - and it must have been about a week by now, though it was really hard to tell - then someone would have come, surely.

The light would come again soon. I knew the warning signs now. The slight shift from pitch black to dark grey, the tiny numbness of my legs, then the sudden explosion of light. But i know to close my eyes when the light - or rather dark - changes.

The light comes around three times in what i guess to be a day, then twice more at night... Though i can't be sure as the hours seen to drag in here. It is due soon...

I replayed the last night that i was free in my head for what felt like the hundredth time.

I was alone, walking home. I had only had two glasses of wine, and i was quite bored. My friends had been drinking straight shots of vodka then, and i hated the stuff. I was feeling left out, so i annouced that i was going home.

Don't be a spoil sport Jess! It's your birthday, lighten up and have some fun!!

I stormed out after that. It had been a warm night so i decided to walk home. The motorway was quiet, perfect for taking a short cut too. I know i shouldn't have ran across it, that has been drilled into me from when i was little, but i couldn't resist the lure of a hot bath and jammies that were waiting at home. Then there was a bright light, not the blinding one that comes here, and then i woke here. And that is the last i remember. The light will come soon. I will close my eyes just now to stop it blinding me again....

Jess! Honey, please speak to me! Honey can you hear me? It's me honey, it's...

Shame. The voice always fades before they tell me who it is...

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Date created: July 11, 2010
Date published: July 11, 2010
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Tags: dark, in, sitting, the
Word Count: 496
Times Read: 367
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.8/5.0 (2 votes)