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Living Among the Dead - Prologue  by AveryHayes
---Begin Playback---

(Low thumping in the background)
(A nervous sigh, a man begins to talk)

     "It should have worked.
      "It was supposed to have worked. They should have been weak, but cured!

     "They weren't.

     "When they rose, they were vicious.

     "One of them bit Doc Harry on the arm before his assistants could restrain it.

     "My God, these were people! Loners and those who would not be missed, and we turned them into this?!

(Pause, thumps increase in frequency)

     "...Half a day. Doc Harry was in the infirmary for twelve hours before he fell into a coma. I tried, God damn it I tried to fix a problem! Sickness, and it's infirmities should have been gone, these men and women made whole!

     "Well they weren't. My creation, my "wonder cure" was passed on to Doc Harry through the homeless man's bite. Eight hours after falling into a coma, Doc Harry rose and attacked the nurses, who followed him out of the room and began to spread the disease, assaulting whoever they encountered.


     "As far as I know, I'm the only survivor.

(The sound of glass breaking, moans become audible)
(The man becomes frantic)

     "Oh **** oh ****, they're breaking through!"


     "Oh my God oh my God, they won't die! Bullets don't do anything oh God!"

(Whimpering, crying)
(The sound of several heavy objects hitting the ground)

     "Oh ****, they got through, no!"

(Several loud moans, sobbing)
(A gunshot silences the sobbing)
(Wet slurping and chewing, the moans become infrequent)

---End Playback---
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  'Living Among the Dead - Prologue' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Sept. 2, 2008
Date published: Sept. 9, 2008
Comments: 5
Tags: war, zombie
Word Count: 459
Times Read: 577
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 4.2/5.0 (4 votes)