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Invisible  by Artsy_Queen

Those days that you feel you are never noticed

Those times when you think that no one cares

Those nights you waste crying

Those years you spend dreaming

"I must be invisible" you say


You wish you were as pretty as her

You hope that he would notice you

You want to make your parents happy

You need everyone inoring you

"I must be invisible!" you yell


Feeling you are useless

Knowing everything is hopeless

Expecting everyone to hate you

Waiting for him to say he loves you

"I must be invisible!" you scream


Cutting, starving and attempting suicide

Hiding, running and isolating yourself

Burning, tearing and scrunching up your photos

"I must be invisible!" you shriek


You stop. Someone, something, holding you back...

You open your eyes. Th warm glow, the bed, your white gown-

A hospital

They must think you're crazy. They'd never understand you


There he is, holding your hand

Looking into your eyes

"I am not invisible" you whisper

"I know" he says with a smile


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Date created: Oct. 11, 2011
Date published: Oct. 11, 2011
Comments: 5
Tags: invisible
Word Count: 849
Times Read: 293
Story Length: 1