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The Holy Bible Chapter 27  by Anthony-Ratkov

One day Jesus was talking to Chang. Of all the twelve apostles, Chang was the only one who was from China. Chang told Jesus about a Chinese philosopher named Confucius. Chang said, "Confucius is not very well-known in the western world, but in China he was very influential. Although Confucius died many years ago, his ideas still have a strong influence on Chinese philosophy and culture." Jesus listened intently.

Chang went on to explain,"Confucius say that society is naturally divided into two groups. The two groups are the noblemen, who are called the Chun Tzu, and the common people,who are called the Hsiao Jen. The name Hsiao Jen literally means 'little people'. The Chun Tzu are supposed to be the leaders of the country, the Chun Tzu are supposed to be an intellectual elite, while the other people are just the little people. The little people are supposed to do the menial jobs, the little people live in poverty while the Chun Tzu live in luxury."

Jesus said,"The wickedness of Confucianism saddens me. It is wrong for society to be divided into two unequal groups. All men should be equal. All men should be free. Everyone was created by God, and everyone is seen equally by the eyes of God." Chang asked, "Even the Hsiao Jen?" Jesus said, "Yes, Chang, even the Hsiao Jen. Even the little people are blessed by God."    

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Date created: Oct. 7, 2010
Date published: Oct. 7, 2010
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Tags: religion
Word Count: 273
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