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The Holy Bible-Chapter 66  by Anthony-Ratkov

After Clyde's death, the Egyptian police investigated, but they could not find the culprits. They had theories, but nothing could be proven. One theory said that Clyde Cogswell had been killed by a band of thieves. There were bands of robbers who had been seen in the area, and they often preyed upon foreigners, but the robbery theory had to be ruled out. Police ruled out robbery as a motive because the laptop computer was still in Clyde's backpack when his body was found. If robbery was the motive, the robbers would have taken the laptop. The police had no clues to solve the mystery. Clyde was alone when he was killed, there were no witnesses.

It was not long before Clyde's friends at the advertising agency got ahold of his notebook. The notebook that was found in his backpack may have contained a clue to his death, so they read everything that was in the notebook. Clyde's notebook contained an incredible prophecy. It was Clyde's own prediction of the end of the world.

In the prediction, Clyde said that the world had descended into sin, and because the people of the world had become sinners, they had to be destroyed. Clyde predicted that the sinners of the world would be destroyed by God. First, all the churches, mosques and temples would be corrupted by greed and sin. The Jewish temples would degenerate into political groups, and they would lose sight of God. Their main passtime would be bribing politicians. According to Clyde, they weren't even Jews, anymore. They had become Philistines, who had forgotten the original meaning of their faith, and God had forsaken them.

The mosques of the Arabs had stood as proud monuments of the Moslem faith, but now, they had degenerated into terrorist organizations. More and more, the Moslems fit the profile of infidels. They had lost touch with Allah, and they had become infidels. 

The Churches of the Christians were now places of shame. Clyde pointed out that the Catholic Church had been involved in many shameful sex scandals, all of them involving child molesters! The Catholic priests, who had once been honorable members of the community, had earned a reputation for being child molesters, who spent their time molesting little boys. God had forsaken the Catholics, because they had become sinners.

According to Clyde, the collapse of the Catholic Church came when they designated Robert Shuman and John F. Kennedy as saints. To qualify as a saint, you had to perform miracles that were recognized by the church. Mother Theresa who operated a charity mission in India was considered to be saint by many Catholics. Some Catholics even wanted to have Pope John Paul to be designated as a saint. Catholics said that John Paul's most important deed was his support of the Solidarity movement in Poland.

The controversy came when Robert Shuman was considered for sainthood. Robert Shuman was considered by many people to be the founder of the European Union. He started an organization in the 1940's that was the forerunner of the European Union. Some Catholics said that it was a great accomplishment, but it didn't qualify as a miracle. After all, you had to perform a miracle, or you could not be designated as a saint.

John F. Kennedy, who was a Catholic politician who had once served as President of the United States was considered for sainthood, because he created an organization called 'The Peace Corps'. Was creating the Peace Corps a miracle performed by Kennedy? Some Catholics said yes, some said no. Some said that Kennedy was a Catholic martyr because he died by an assassin's bullet. The issue of sainthood for Kennedy, and the issues of gay marriage and abortion eventually tore the Catholic Church apart.

In America, the forces of evil were everywhere. The Republican party pressed on with it's cruel campaign against the working class. They tried to destroy labor unions, and cut off every social program that they could get their hands on. Their message was simple: Money rules the human race! Money was the only important thing in life! The masses in America were gagged by the censorship imposed by the Republican party, and they were betrayed by the lies of the Republicans.

In Europe, the European Union was torn apart by the Turkish question. Should the Turkish republic be allowed to join the European Union? Most Europeans said no, and the government officials tried to silence them. The government called them 'racists'. The unrest in Europe grew so intense that anti-Turkish riots started in all the major cities of Europe. Soon, the riots became so bad that the European Union collapsed.

After the collapse of the European Union, the Americans decided to send American troops into Europe to try to restore order. At the same time, the Russians had exactly the same idea! Russian troops began to invade what remained of the European Union, from the east, while Americans were invading from the west. The Russians and the Americans met in the middle of Europe and fought a war. Who would control Europe, now that the government of the European Union had collapsed? Would it be controlled by Americans or Russians?

The Russians and Americans had turned Europe into a battlefield, and this set the stage for China and India to invade the middle east. India needed middle eastern oil to provide fuel for industrial development, but China also wanted the oil. China and India fought a war for oil in the middle east, and turned the entire middle east into a battle ground. Now war was raging from China to Europe, but the most deadly weapon was about to be used! Nuclear weapons were about to be used!

Nobody knows who dropped the first atomic bombs. Some say it was the Iranians, others say it was the Pakistanis. The North Koreans said it was the U.S.A. that struck first, the U.S.A. said it was the Russians that fired the first nuclear missles. After it was all over, nearly one-third of the world's population had been killed. In the prophecy according to Clyde, there were hundreds of cities that had been reduced to rubble. What had once been teeming cities were now smoking piles of radioactive dust. God looked down from the heavens and said, 'In shame you lived, and in fear you died!'

Only a small number of people remained faithful to God after world war three. They started a new church, called the Proletarian Church of Christ, and they said, this is the one and only true church, dedicated to the working class. In their church doctrine, they combined the teachings of Jesus with the teachings they had learned from the Moslem religion and Hindu religion. They swore to follow the path of peace to where-ever it may lead, Amen.


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