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The Holy Bible-Chapter 55  by Anthony-Ratkov

Since the Japanese had attacked America, the Americans had declared war against Japan and it's allies. Japan was equipped with an arsenal that was similar to the German arsenal. German advisors had taught the Japanese how to build weapons that were the same as the weapons used by Germany. In some cases, a German emissary would bring blueprints for weapons to Japan. The blueprints, written in German, would be translated into Japanese and the Japanese would manufacture copies of the German weapons in their factories. The Japanese had aircraft that were similar to German aircraft, they had submarines that were almost identical to German submarines. The Japanese and the Germans worked hand-in-hand in their effort to take over the world.

In America, the Americans started an all-out effort to defeat the Germans and Japanese. American troops were sent across the Atlantic Ocean to England, and after a short stay in England, they went directly to the European continent to fight the Germans. Americans also went across the Pacific to fight the Japanese. The Japanese had taken control of many of the islands in the Pacific, and the Americans went from one island to another, fighting them. Finally, the Americans were advancing towards the city of Berlin. The city of Berlin was Germany's capital, and Hitler had his headquarters there. At the same time, the Russians were advancing on Berlin from the East. So, Hitler had his enemies on both sides of him, and they were coming closer.

With the Americans advancing on Hitler from the west, and the Russians advancing on Hitler from the east, there were nowhere for Hitler to run. The Russians got to Berlin a few days before the Americans did. When Hitler realized that the Russians were in Berlin, he used a pistol to kill himself. The German army surrendered to the Russians. The Americans came in a few days later, and the Americans and Russians argued over who was going to control the city of Berlin. It was finally decided, in a secret meeting, that the city of Berlin had to be split by the occupation forces. The city of Berlin was divided into sectors. There was an American sector, patrolled by Americans, a Russian sector, patrolled by Russians, a British sector, partrolled by the British, and a French sector patrolled by the French.

The Russians were not entirely happy with this arrangement. The Russians did not leave when the Americans asked them to. The Americans seemed to be saying, "Okay, the war's over, you can go home now". The Russians had the attitude that they should stay forever, to make sure that the Germans didn't start another war. The German territory occupied by the Russians was so large, the Russians made it into a new country, they called it East Germany. East Germany had a government created by the Russians, and of course, it was a communist government. The Americans responded by re-naming the rest of Germany. It was named West Germany, and they had to refrain from saying that Berlin was the capital of West Germany, they chose the city of Bonn as the capital, and they said that Bonn was the capital of West Germany. So now, Germany was split. West Germany had a capitalist, pro-American government, while East Germany was communist and had a pro-Russian government. They actually built a wall down the middle of the city of Berlin, to divide the city in half, the Russian half on one side, the German half on the other side. Although the war had ended in Europe, the war was still being fought in Japan.

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Date created: Dec. 2, 2011
Date published: Dec. 2, 2011
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