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The Holy Bible Chapter 22  by Anthony-Ratkov

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem, his parents moved to Nazareth. They thought it would be a better place to raise Jesus, since there weren't a lot of Philistines or Romans around. The Roman empire was trying to expand it's power in the middle east, and Joseph didn't want Jesus to grow up under the influence of the Roman empire. There were also kingdoms of Philistines in the middle east. The Philistines were evil profiteers and they seemed to function as a shadow government, they were like the shadow of the Roman empire. If you didn't fall into the hands of the Romans, the Philistines would get you. Many Jews fled from the Roman empire, and they went straight into the hands of the Philistines. The Philistines demanded that taxes be paid to them, and the Jews felt resigned to their fate. 'You'll end up either paying taxes to the Romans or to the Philistines, what's the difference?', said one Jew.

Nazareth seemed to be the ideal place to raise Jesus. Joseph and Mary didn't trust the astrologers and wise men who said Jesus was destined to become a messiah. They just wanted to be left alone. They wanted to raise their son, Jesus, in their own way, not according to the prophecies that surrounded them in Bethlehem. When Jesus was a little boy, he got into a fight with another boy. The little boy threw a rock at Jesus. Jesus ran home and cried to his mother, and he was comforted by his mother, but the little boy who had thrown the rock at Jesus was hit by a bolt of lightning the next day.

The boy was killed. It seemed strange, because there wasn't a cloud in the sky, at the time. Lightning is usually associated with clouds and rainstorms, but it wasn't raining when the boy was hit. It wasn't long before people started calling it a miracle. Something in heaven was protecting Jesus. If you insulted Jesus, or threatened him in any way, you would feel the wrath of God!  

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Date created: Sept. 5, 2010
Date published: Sept. 5, 2010
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