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The Holy Bible Chapter 23  by Anthony-Ratkov

When Jesus was a young man, he was known as Jesus of Nazareth. The town of Nazareth was not prosperous like other towns in the middle east. Other towns had wealthy merchants, and the Philistines had built gleaming temples in those towns. But Nazareth was populated mostly by blue-collar workers. Many of them were builders and craftsmen. Philistines avoided Nazareth. One Philistine said, "Our temples depend on donations to survive. In a wealthy town, there are plenty of wealthy people who donate money to our temples, but the town of Nazareth is populated mainly by low-class workers, and they don't have much money. They probably wouldn't donate much money to us, so we never bothered to build a temple there."

The Romans avoided Nazareth, too. There was a Roman military commander who once said that Nazareth was not a 'strategic location', so they never stationed any Roman soldiers there. Nazareth was strangely isolated from the surrounding middle east culture. There was a Philistine named Ironus who was traveling through Nazareth, and he heard the story about how the boy who threw a rock at Jesus was struck down and killed by a bolt of lightning the next day. Ironus said, "We should try to get Jesus to join the temple. If Jesus was a Philistine, people would come from all over the world to see him! The story about the boy who threw a rock at Jesus made him famous, and fame means money! If Jesus was a member of our temple, people will donate more money to us! To increase donations, we can circulate a story that says Jesus is a miracle man, and if anyone throws a rock at him, they'll get hit by lightning! When people hear that, they will donate huge sums of money to our temple! We'll be rich! We've got to find a way to get Jesus to join our temple, because Jesus will become a cult figure, and he'll attract more cash donations to our temple! " The next day, there was an earthquake, and the house were Ironus was staying was flattened by the quake. Ironus was killed. The quake seemed strange, because it seemed to affect only a small area, and only one house was destroyed, it was the house that Ironus was staying in.

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