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The Holy Bible-Chapter 57  by Anthony-Ratkov

After world war two was over, most people had lost their appetite for war. They were tired of war. World war two was the most destructive conflict in the enitre history of the human race. Fifty million people had been killed on battlefields in world war two, and six million Jews had died in the concentration camps. But there were those who hungered for more! There were those in the Pentagon and the Kremlin who were not satisfied! They wanted war! They wanted eternal, everlasting war! 

Even Satan was stunned at the spectacle of war that unfolded above him. Satan was talking to a demon one day, and he said, "I always thought the human race was a bunch of wimps. I never thought they had the innate capacity for pure evil, until I saw world war two! World war two really opened my eyes! It showed me that humans could be really, really evil!" The demon smiled, and asked, "Who was the worst?" 

Satan thought for a moment, and then he said, "At first I thought Hitler was the worst. Hiter was evil, there's no doubt about it, but the evil that Hitler brought to the world was temporary. It was going to pass as soon as Nazi Germany was defeated. The worst of all was a man named Robert Oppenheimer." The demon said, "Who is Robert Oppenheimer?" Satan answered, "He was the scientist who invented the atomic bomb. By inventing the atomic bomb, he started the arms race. He ushered in a new age of fear. From now on, people would live in fear of the atomic bomb!"

In the lofty world above Satan's head, a new age of war was brewing. After world war two was over, military leaders were impressed with the standoff at the Berlin wall. The spectacle of Americans on one side of the wall facing communists on the other side interested them. They decided that the next phase of global struggle would be based on confrontations between Americans and communists. The Americans set themselves up as the so-called 'leaders of the free world', while the communists took the opposite position. The communists promised people an alternative to American tyranny.

Many countries around the world followed the lead set by the Russian communists. China became a communist country in 1949. Cuba became a communist country in 1959. In America, the government treated communism as if it were illegal, despite the fact that Americans claimed they had a free political system. Americans often claimed that the American system was free, and Americans were free to follow any political movement that they wished to follow. Was that really true?  Actually, no. The American government had an elaborate system of official and unofficial means for persecuting the communists. One of the leading anti-communists of the day was a man named Mc Carthy. Mc Carthy had a large following in the 1950's. Mc Carthy tried to stir up fear of the communists, and he often entertained audiences with claims that communists were taking over the movie business in Hollywood. According to Mc Carthy, Hollywood movie studios were full of communist spies, and the movies they made were full of hypnotic subliminal communist propaganda.

While many dismissed Mc Carthy as a fanatic, the Pentagon was eager to exploit the anti-communist sentiment that Mc Carthy was stirring up. When communists tried to take over Korea in 1953, the Pentagon sent in troops to try to stop them. This was the Korean war. The Korean war lasted three years, and resulted in Korea being divided into two countries: a communist North Korea, and a South Korea that was an American puppet state.

Later, when communists tried to take over Vietnam, the Pentagon sent troops there. This was the Vietnam war, which lasted over ten years, roughly from 1965 to 1975. They tried to organize the outcome of the war so that Vietnam would be divided into two parts like Korea, they wanted a communist state in North Vietnam, and an American puppet state in South Vietnam, possibly with a wall to keep the two sides apart. In the end, the communists managed to take over all of Vietnam, so all of it became a communist country. Thus, the stage was set for constant warfare. The threat of communists taking over small countries around the world was the pretext for virtually unlimited warfare, anywhere in the world, with no end in sight.

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