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The Holy Bible-Chapter 62  by Anthony-Ratkov

The effects of LSD were seen all around the Detroit area. There was a tremendous rise in the number of car accidents all over Detroit. The scenario was usually the same. A man would wake up and his wife would cook his breakfast. He'd get bacon and eggs, and a glass of milk. The milk contained L.S.D., and after the man drank the L.S.D.-laced milk, he wouldn't feel any ill effects, at least not immediately. It actually took several minutes for the LSD to get from the stomach to the brain. If you had a belly full of L.S.D.-laced milk, it would take about an hour for the L.S.D. to get into your bloodstream, and get into your brain. By this time, he would have finished his breakfast, and he would have started driving to work. That's then the L.S.D. would hit him. He'd start to hallucinate, and it wouldn't be long before he crashed into another car, or crashed into a house, a tree, or some other object. Needless to say, he wouldn't make it to work. A lot of these people died while they were trying to drive to work. It was impossible to drive a car while you were under the influence of L.S.D.

The spies were told that they were never supposed to drink milk while they were in Detroit. They were told that if they drank milk, they would suffer the effects of the L.S.D. so they were instructed to avoid milk at all costs. One spy joked that he would like to drink scotch instead, and he went to a store and bought a bottle of scotch whiskey, which he drank while he was on the job. The spies continued to do their job, which was as simple as visiting the same dairy every day, and putting L.S.D. into the milk, every day. A few times they were frustrated, because when they went to the dairy they found the place empty, as if it had been abandonded. One spy asked the plant manager why everybody was gone, and the plant manager told him that they were experiencing a problem with absenteeism. He said that for some unexplained reason, a large number of workers had failed to show up for work. The workers had been drinking the L.S.D.-laced milk, and they often failed to come in to work because they were under the influence of L.S.D. The spy told the plant manager to get replacement workers, as soon as possible, because the experiment had to continue. He explained that it was absolutely essential for the dairy to continue to produce milk, and it was absolutely essential for the L.S.D. to be added to the milk each day.

After a few months, the death toll was in the hundreds. MK-ULTRA had caused the deaths of hundreds of people in Detroit, mostly due to car accidents. Whenever there was car accident on the road, people expected the police to show up. In some cases they never did. The police often drank milk, and they ended up drinking milk that contained L.S.D. Many police officers were under the influence of L.S.D., and so it was impossible for them to do their jobs. L.S.D. also affected the fire department, and staff members of local hospitals. The number of car accidents grew larger and larger, and most of the time there was no ambulance, or police car at the scene of the accident. There were many fires across the city, where fire trucks did not come, since the firemen were under the influence of L.S.D. In the first six months of MK-ULTRA in Detroit, thousands of people had been poisoned with L.S.D. and hundreds of them had died. 

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Date created: Dec. 12, 2011
Date published: Dec. 12, 2011
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