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The Holy Bible Chapter 31  by Anthony-Ratkov

Jesus had been traveling around the middle east preaching to anyone who would listen, and Jesus was always accompanied by his twelve apostles. One day he met a man named Judas, and Jesus allowed Judas to join his group. Judas became the thirteenth apostle. Judas seemed to get along well with the other twelve apostles, although he was shy about his background. He never talked much about himself. Judas described himself as a former Philistine. Judas said he was educated in the temples of the Philistines, but he soon grew tired of their doctrine, and he longed for spritual fullfillment, which was why he joined Jesus. Judas said he was impressed with the way Jesus was breaking barriers, and reaching out to people who were lost. Judas said, "Jesus has a quality that the Philistines lack, he has credibility! Jesus is someone the people can trust!"

It was about that time that people were starting to give money to Jesus. Some of the local Jews and Arabs had been listening to the sermons delivered by Jesus, and they were impressed. One wealthy Jew spoke to Jesus and said, "I enjoy listening to your message, I would like to donate some money to you and your apostles, so you can carry on your work!" He handed Jesus a bag of gold coins. Jesus accepted it and thanked the Jew. Soon, others began to donate money to Jesus. The twelve apostles began arguing about who was going to handle the money, and Jesus stopped the argument by giving the job to Judas. From then on, Judas was the official treasurer of the group. Whenever anyone gave money to Jesus or one of his apostles, the money was turned over to Judas. Judas kept a record of the donations, and kept Jesus informed of any new donations.

Although Jesus trusted Judas, Judas was not always honest about the money. One day Judas was counting the money and he realized that it had grown to a considerable sum. He decided that the sum of money was so large that Jesus and the apostles would not notice if some of it was missing so he took some of the money, and spent him on himself. He bought wine, and he also gave some money to a prostitute and had sex with her. Later, when Jesus asked him what he was doing with the money, Judas lied to Jesus and said that he have given some of it away to the poor and the homeless. Jesus praised Judas for his act of charity, and said, "I wish all men were as wise as you, Judas, my friend". Judas said, "Thank you, my Lord." After Jesus had left the room, Judas laughed at Jesus, and said,"What a fool!"

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Date created: March 10, 2011
Date published: March 10, 2011
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Tags: religion
Word Count: 505
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