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The Holy Bible-Chapter 60  by Anthony-Ratkov

The spies had taken up positions in hotel rooms all over Detroit. There were more than a hundred of them. Some were given orders to observe the results of the experiment. Others were given the responsibility of infiltrating milk companies and actually putting the L.S.D. into the milk. There were several large milk companies that served the Detroit area. They recieved milk from dairy farms all over southern Michigan, and after the raw milk was brought into their dairy in refrigerated trucks, the milk was put into huge vats were it was pasteurized. The process of pasteurization was basically nothing more than a process of heating the milk, so that any germs in the milk would be killed. Since pasteurization was carried out in huge vats (some of these vats held more than five hundred gallons) it was decided that the L.S.D. would be poured directly into the pasteurization vats.

The spies found it easy to infiltrate the milk companies. A spy would walk up to the front door, and knock on the door. He would be met by a secretary, who would say, "May I help you?" The spy would say, "I'm from the government, I'd like to talk to the head of this company". She would say, "Do you have an appointment?" The spy would have to say, " I am from the U.S. government, I am here on official business". If that didn't work, he could always show a badge, or an identification card, or show a gun. It was usually only a few minutes before he was allowed in to speak to the head of the company.

Once he got inside, he would explain to the head of the company that the government was going to be conducting a drug experiment, and this experiment involved putting a drug into the milk. If the owner of the milk company said 'No, I don't want anyone putting any drugs into the milk', the spy would explain that co-operation with the experiment was mandatory. The spy would threaten the owner of the milk company with a prison sentence if he did not co-operate. He would also explain that if the owner of the milk company (or any employees of the milk company) told anyone about the experiment, they could be jailed. Most of the owners of milk companies co-operated without protesting, when faced with threats like these.

So, every day, a spy would come into the dairy. He would ask for an employee to open up one of the pasteurization vats. Then, after a hatch on the top of the vat was opened, he would climb up a ladder, and take a small bottle of L.S.D. out of his pocket. Then he would open the bottle, and pour the L.S.D. into the vat. The spies came back every day, to add more L.S.D. to the milk. Cartons of milk that had been poisoned with L.S.D. were sent to local grocery stores where they would be purchased by unsuspecting people.           

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Date created: Dec. 5, 2011
Date published: Dec. 5, 2011
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