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The Holy Bible-Chapter 49  by Anthony-Ratkov

Word of Rasputin's exploits spread throughout Moscow. People had heard rumors about a strange man named Rasputin who had been influencing the Tsar. The people said that Rasputin had been talking to the Tsar every day, and he had been giving the Tsar advice on politics. It was one of the greatest scandals in all of Moscow. The sexual exploits of Rasputin also inspired many rumors. Some Russians believed that Rasputin had been having sex with every woman in the royal court, including the wife of the Tsar! Talk about Rasputin's drunken sex orgies spread all over Moscow.

Finally, the officials in the royal court could stand it no longer. They wanted to get rid of Rasputin, and they didn't care how they did it, they just wanted Rasputin to be gone! They talked about charging him with a crime and having a judge exile him to a remote island in the far north. This idea was dismissed because people thought that the Tsar's far-reaching influence could get Rasputin exonerated if he were accused of a crime. The talked about setting traps for him, until one man grew bolder, and suggested that they should kill Rasputin. He was a rogue bureaucrat, who was close to the Tsar, and he said he could get his henchmen to do his 'dirty work'. All the officials nodded their heads in agreement at a secret meeting.

They had their henchmen try to kill Rasputin by poisoning him. This attempt failed. They had a gang of thugs attack him with a knife, and somehow, Rasputin survived being stabbed.  A doctor who worked for the Tsar treated Rasputin's stab wounds, and stitched them up. Rasputin returned to his old ways, as if nothing had happened. The thugs tried to shoot him, but Rasputin somehow survived being shot! They finally threw him into the river, and he froze to death. Christian mystics from an obscure Russian Christian cult claimed that Raspuntin froze to death (or drowned) in the river because it was his personal fate, those in the cult who were familiar with Rasputin pointed out that Rasputin had a sister who died when she accidentally drowned in a river, years before Rasputin came to Moscow, and Rasputin had a brother who fell into a river, but was saved, and died of pneumonia later, as a result of being exposed to the cold water. According to them, poisoning, stabbing, and shooting Rasputin had no effect on him, but drowning him actually killed him, because drowning had personal significance to him, meaning it was part of his own personal 'Karma'. Since his brother and sister died by drowning, it was somehow Rasputin's fate to die by drowning.  Rasputin's family had something in their 'Karma' that doomed them to die by drowning. It was implied that Rasputin was a martyr. Rasputin died on December 29,1916.            

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Date created: Nov. 30, 2011
Date published: Nov. 30, 2011
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Tags: rasputin, religion, russian-tsar
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