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Hear Me  by AnneB

The walls are closing in

I can’t breathe

My throat hurts

I can’t scream

So I whisper

As these hands of death come to still my joy

His hands clench tight around the neck of my happiness

Please don’t steal my happiness

He is screaming “this is bliss… this is bliss”

And they are all saying what if death is not a he?

But I am every woman and I would never do this to me

I beg you; open your ears so you can hear my soliloquy            

Please let me be!

This is a bargain not a plea… you’ve already taken my voice you will not get my dignity

I will exchange my words if you’d just free my hands…

These freed hands will take up those pens and write out my pain

My joy

My love

My freedom

My confidence

My future

My choice, yes pro life

My strife

This gift…

Unchain my ankles So I can walk freely

So the people can see my scars, point and talk about me

And I will say this is what dead dreams look like

This is what happens when you let pain and misery take over your life

This is when you let the world step on you and give into your strife

This is my life! This is my life!

I’ll gladly give you my wrist to slit and bleed if you would just uncover my mouth

just another sacrifice

So I can scream and shout my testimony; how God removed me from my situation…

But I can’t breathe

My throat hurts

I can’t scream

So I whisper

And nations will hear me

He still has my joy tight in his grip

No he won’t take a bargain he wants me to lose… so I have to fight

We have to fight to stay on the right path, to make it, to just be

He will always try to cover your mouth, pull you down and chain you up, but forgive him; he can’t help it he is death

It’s just what he does, he puts souls to rest, and you might call him the bearer of bad news

And it’s all cool… just mumble you story... and nations will still hear you

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Date created: Nov. 16, 2008
Date published: Nov. 16, 2008
Comments: 2
Tags: cant-talk, hear, hear-me, poetry, voice
Word Count: 1298
Times Read: 514
Story Length: 1