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Chapter 4  by AlyssaDogz12Bananas

                                                                 Chapter 4
    "Hoist the sails! Swab the deck! Prepare for sailing!" shouted Captain Thrash. (His given name was Jacob Manhunt.)  The crew sighed, they knew Captain meant well, he was very witty, but he needed to learn the correct terms of the ship workings. Of course, no one dared point that out for fear of what would happen.
   Captain Thrash was a vile man. His teeth were rotten, his thick, brown hair was matted and tangled. He would be quite dashing, except that he didn't take any interest in hygiene. His clothes were nice, except for a tear in in sleeve and a couple stains. He always wore his captains hat.
    There was one man on the ship that didn't know the captain's horrible past, which was filled with pain, misery, suffering and torture. His name was Ghery. Ghery Timmons.
    Ghery Timmons was a lean, mousy character. He lived for sarcasm and laziness. He had just joined the crew at a nearby port, Port Hime. His wife just left him, so he decided he needed some money and joined. Although, he had no intentions on actually WORKING.
    "Is the captain daft? Doesn't he know anything on this ship?" Ghery whispered to the nearest crew, who just happened to be Monomac Hishimi, "I heard he was a very good pirate! That is why I joined!" Monomac, a burly Jamaican man who mainly climbed the poles and fixed the sails, gave him a warning look before shuffling away.
Ghery rolled his eyes.
    Captain Thrash heard Ghery and turned around. his deep, brown eyes burned with fire. he clenched and unclenched his grimy fists.
    "What did you say?" the captain asked. Ghery looked shocked. Then he regained himself and frowned.
    "Nothing," he replied.
    "Good," smiled the captain. He knew the boy was to chicken to respond.
    "Good for nothing little-" started Ghery under his breath. The captain twirled around with rage, and with one sweeping movement he picked Ghery up by his neck and threw him overboard. He wiped his hands on his pants.
    "And dat iz da end of dat!" said Monomac brightly. Everyone stared at him, a couple chuckled, and they continued working.
    "Oh, by the way," said Captain Thrash "We are going to have to stop at Port Wallows and get another crew mate." By this point everyone was smiling and they laughed heartily. Everybody LOVED Port Wallows. The rum was cheap, the men were tough and the fun was endless.
    Of course, everybody had a heaping amount of gold, because of their notorious reputation. The nearby pirates all thought them poor, as they were one of the smartest ships and carefully hid their treasure. No one risked attacking a poor crew.
    Their strategy was not to idmediatly spend their wealth, but instead they kept it all in one place, that was IN THE SHIP. It was hidden deep below everything, hidden with a key, a combo, and a secret passage.
     Anyways, Captain Thrash was a fair pirate, he loved to treat his crew good but firm.
    "That's what keeps 'im strong, and keeps 'im tough!" he says. He has... an "insurance policy." If you lose a limb, 800 doubloons per leg and 900 doubloons per arm. 400 doubloons per foot and 500 doubloons per hand. Also, if you lose something small such as a finger, ear or an eye you get 100 doubloons. If a close family member is killed and it is the ship's fault, you recieve 2,000 doubloons.
    It was a good system, and the crew fought harder because of it since they figured "Hey, if I lose something I get gold!" EVERYONE wanted to be rich. One man even went into a battle and willingly let another pirate get his leg, just because he was broke! Thrash took pity on him, and gave him money then kicked him off at the next port.
    The crew is a fairly good one, but there are a couple that are very important. The first one is Monomac Hishimi. The Jamaican was orphaned at the age of 7, forced to live on the streets and work for money. He was found by Thrash when he was 15. He was one of the toughest men on the ship, even then! He specializes in coming up behind someone and stabbing, slashing or hacking his way to their death. He also heals a little faster than most man.
   My personal favorite is probably Patrick O'Leary, an Irish man who looks out for himself. And he's the lookout. He is a sharpshoot. He always does jigs and tells amazing stories about his past life in Ireland and the leprechauns. He has a brother, Mario. he has fiery red hair, and always wears a baggy hat. He isn't very strong, but shoots an arrow VERY well.
    Another man is Sir Eric Limon. Actually, when they first recruited him he was Quincy Umion. Then Randy Roottank. Also Warren Fronk, among others. Sir Limon is a very- peculiar man. He is mysterious, and changes his name at least twice a year. It is rather confusing, however, and the crew often finds them self calling him Butterworth or Figglefaggle when nervous. But, Limon (called Tim Heatchet at birth) is typically the life of the party, continuing dying conversations and repeatedly bursting in song. He also is the one who gets the most drunk, and has almost fallen overboard 4 times. Sir Limon is very talented with a sword, and has only lost one fight. But, that wasn't fair because he had to face 14 other man previously and was exhausted.
    Yumion Casht is a Russian man who sailed from Russia in hopes of becoming rich. His ship was ovecome by some Spanish Galleons when the captain slowed down for what looked like a "friendly cargo ship." Fortunatly, Captain Thrash picked him up on his old ship, Watimia, at a sand bar when Yumion jumped ship. Yumion repayed his gratitued by being one of the most loyal pirates on the Swimming Falcon. He came from a village where to survive meant throwing. He could easliy scalp 3 men in one throw on his good days.
    The last man is Alex Reft. He keeps to himself, and isn't especially excellant at anything, but rather good at everything. He mostly lingers around Limon, although no one has ever found any connection between the two. Alex has a bushy, brown-red moustache right below his nose, that usually ends up soaked with rum after a night of celebration.
    So, with a sigh of happiness, a man named Shashumi, whom they found in India, grabbed the wheel and changed there course for Port Wallows.
    Just as they were turning, a cry came from above.
    "A ship!" said Patrick O'Leary "There is a ship on yonder!"
    At his cry, most of the crew ran over to the side to see. Sure enough, in the distance a large wooden ship sailed towards them. The ship had dark, black wood, and it looked like it had been creaed out of the darkness. Bright red flags whipped around in a wind that seemed to just have appeared out of nowhere. The air chilled, and an eiree fog crept out of the water and slowly surrounded their ship, leaving them completely vulnerable like a baby.
    Sir Eric Limon grabbed a rope and flew down, shirt flying in the air, from the mast in a flash. Then he rushed across the decked into the cabin. He came out 30 seconds late with a cutlass in one hand, a pistol in the other and another sword in a sheath hooked around his pants. The others followed closely, Yumion retrieving his special throwing knives in a pouch and hands, and a 6th and 7th strapped to both arms. Shashumi turned the ship so the cannons were where he thought he remembered the ship being. Monomac came out with a large whip with a spiked ball at the end, a sword strapped to his waist, and a knife in his mouth. Patrick and Mario came last, Patrick had 3 pistols, one in both hand and one in a holster. Mario had a very fancy, well balanced and powerful bow, just restringed, and a quiver on his back full of strong, silver arrows.
    Everyone took their positions. Mario climbed to the mast, and hid in a small area no one could see him, he got an arrow ready. Eric jumped onto the top of the cabin area, and got down low ready to jump and slash his way through the pirates. Mononmac stood by the wheel with Captain Thrash and Isiah. Patrick stood near the front of the ship, guns cocked. Yumion stood by the cabin door, and stood ready for anything. The rest of the crew had a variety of bows, swords and guns and they spread themselves out. A few held knives in their mouths and a sword in one hand and a pistol in their holster, with one hand holding a rope that were previosly rigged to swing over to the other ship.
    "Man the cannons!" shouted Captain Thrash. On his comand, 3 men jumped up and ran down to the bilge. The bilge was a very dirty place where they held prisoners. It also was where the cannons were.
    A little boy worked as a powder boy, plus two gunners. They prepared the cannons.
    The spooky ship loomed over them as it came closer, and it came apparent to the crew they would probably never be able win the fight. They could just see the many people on the ship, outnumbering them by at least 50 people. It was going to be impossible.
    The captain gulped.
    "Ha-hang on men. We can do it- or at least go down with a good fight." he said. The crew looked around nervously, they needed someone to give them an actual speech. Just in time, Mario cleared his throat and said,
    "He is right men! We have spirit, we have good men! Each one of us could easily take out at least 5 men, maybe more! We will go out there with pride, and if the ship goes down then we have fought valiantly anyway! No doubt, we will survive! Come on men! Say it with me! WE WILL SURVIVE!"
    The crew looked around like nothing happened, still extremely nervous.
    "Come on, men. Think about some of the greatest pirates! Did they win by mumbling and being nervous?! No! They were exciting! Extraordinary! Extravagent! We will be those pirates! We will go down in history! For years people have been fighting hard, against all odds! Since the dawn of time, people have been fighting to survive because they had something to live for! We have something to live for! Every single one of us!
    "Huzzah!" shouted Sir Eric, face lit up just itching to fight. The other men gave out some loud cheers, holding their weapons in the air. You had to hand it to Mario, he really knew how give a speech and raise spirits!
    As they prepared for battle, so did the large ship. They could only guess what evil they were up against.

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