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Cara, Melissa, Brenda, and Courtney  by Acuariana

"I can't believe we're all in this together," said Brenda Carter on a rather chilly but bright Monday morning.  She, Courtney Brown, Melissa Araujo, and I were all at Walter Hamilton Community College in Boston Hills, Massachusetts.  We sat at our usual table at 11:00 a.m. in the cafeteria, and that was in the middle section.

Courtney raised an eyebrow.  "In what?"

Brenda laughed sheepishly.  "Don't be silly, Court.  We're all in this friendship together."

"If you meant that, why didn't you say it?" Courtney asked with clenched teeth.

"Don't you start, please."  Brenda was firm in what she said.

Melissa and I had to laugh.  We thought it was hilarious to see those two argue.

Before the conversation gets any further, please let me introduce myself.  Hello, my name is Cara Anne Stewart Tavares, and I'm 25 years old.  I am a short but beautiful African-American/Cape Verdean who stands at five feet even, and I have shoulder-length black hair.  I am majoring in Psychology, since I want to be a psychologist (I'm the type of person who loves listening to people when they have problems!), and I am blessed that I can actually take some Psychology classes.  I may be blunt at times when it comes to telling it like it is, but that's the only way to be.  Thank God I'm better at controlling my bluntness than I used to be.  Under all that, I'm a nice young lady, and I have God to thank for that.

Brenda Louise Carter is one of my best friends.  She's three inches taller than me, and she's African-American (all the way, she tells me, LOL!!!).  Sometimes she's in her little zone, and she can be a bit stubborn, which means she doesn't want to listen to what people tell her.  But under all that, she's a good person with a good heart, and the last thing she wants to deal with is trouble.  I mean, being 23 years old for her has taught her a lot in life, especially dealing with a lot of her young cousins going to jail for doing drugs and such (last year, one of her cousins was killed in Chicago, and Brenda ended up going there to the funeral with some of her family members.  It was sad!).  She wants to become a lawyer, and I know she'd be a good one, because she believes in fairness.

If you want to know about Courtney LaTonia Brown (another best friend), you will know that she is loud (louder than me, ha ha), vivacious, and a bit blatant at times (she doesn't care what she says half the time, and that's not good sometimes).  But this 24-year-old is cooler than a cucumber, and I'm glad for that.  She stands five-foot-four, and she's skinny like a toothpick even though she eats like a pig.  (Once, she ate like twelve pieces of pizza, and she didn't even get sick.  She didn't even gain weight.  I ate eight pieces of pizza the same time she ate twelve, and I got sick like a dog!)  Courtney wants to have her own business selling sweatsuits for all types of women.  There's nothing wrong with that!  And you can say this loud, because she's African-American, and she's proud!  (Ha ha!)

Last but certainly not least is Melissa Marie Araujo, one of my other best friends.  (She used to use the last name Jones, but not anymore.)  She's 25 years old, and she's a pretty African-American/Cape Verdean who is five-foot-six, and she has pretty tan skin.  She's a bit on the sensitive side, and she is caring, but if you push the wrong buttons, don't expect her to be quiet, please.  I mean, it's bad enough that people (especially Sara Janette Felton and Lucia Amalia Osorio, two girls I DO NOT like because of this) have to criticize her for dating Paul Vincent Bucci, a nice young man at the age of 31, and he's a red-headed Italian-American, but she is also criticized sometimes, because she works at Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret?  Jeez!  At least Melissa is working!

That's enough about of all of us individually, but we've been best friends for a long time even though we are all close in age.  It all started when we were all going to Boston Hills High School together, and that's when the friendship started to become tight.  Brenda was a freshman in ninth grade, Courtney was a sophomore in tenth grade, and Melissa and I were juniors in eleventh grade.  We had a lot of fun together even though we did get on each other's nerves!  One time, we took a trip to the Emerald Circle Mall in Freeville, Connecticut, and we had a lot of fun, because we were shopping away.  But there was one problem--we ended up getting in trouble, because I took Momma Corinna's car without asking her, Brenda was supposed to be at her other friend's party, Courtney was grounded already, and Melissa couldn't even leave Massachusetts!  But it was fun while it lasted, sort of!

Back to the conversation.  Melissa asked, "Do you realize that we're talking about our friendship and all the things we did back then?"

Brenda shook her head in agreement.  "Believe me, I know.  There were the good things, and then the bad things as well."

I added, "God made all of us stronger in ways that we would have never expected.  Sure, we still need to rely on God, but I know He has plans for us.  If we trust and believe in Him, it will happen."

Courtney exclaimed, "Amen, Sister Cara!"  Melissa, Brenda, and I hooted!  Then all of us decided to stop yapping for a while, ate our lunches, and did what we had to do before we had to part.

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