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Dayra Writes!  by Acuariana

March 10, 2009

Hello to all!  This is Dayra Azucena Rodriguez dos Santos once again.  I am happy to be coming back to you about what is going on with me.

First of all, I always give honor to God.  He is the center of my life, and I will not let anyone tell me any different.  The Holy Spirit dwells inside of me each day, and He guides me on what to do and not to do.  It can be a little hard to do, because I have autism, but I will definitely still pray and ask God to work on whatever needs to be worked on.  But I also pray for other people, because it's selfish to pray just for me all the time.  That wouldn't be right.

My family life is doing pretty well despite all odds.  Mi mama Evelin is still doing massages at the same Dominican beauty Salon Bella Dominicana, and mi papa Dario is still a clinician for people with autism.  Nichelle is still working at Subway, but only on Fridays and Saturdays, because she works where mi papa works only on Mondays and Tuesdays.  She loves working with people with autism.  Ines is still at Bath and Body Works, coming home with some free samples, and she loves it very much!  Javier is still working at The Pink Rug, but that's because of Hector, one of his good friends trying to convince Amy, the supervisor, that Javier would change his attitude which wasn't so great during a few months.  He definitely treated his girlfriend (and my good friend) Desiree like crap by verbally abusing her, but he agreed to receive counseling (Desiree went with him, too, along with her mama Regina and mi mama), and he was able to go back to work.  Yes, Amy did give him a chance, too.  She just didn't want to get anyone get hurt by Javier's attitude.  Evelina is actually selling some small pink scrapbooks she made to benefit for her autism collection that she'll turn in.  I think that's a nice idea, because she really wants to help out other people who have autism.  She started the project in November 2008, and she made $300.00.  I'm not kidding.  Now $300.00 might not seem much to some people, but for Evelina, it is!  She asked God for help, and He certainly gave it to her!

As for me?  I'm doing very well in school.  My midterm grades are very good!  I got all A's in my four classes (Western Civilization One and Two--yeah, I know, I was told I was crazy to take both at the same time, but I have the same professor, Professor Anabel Guerrero, for both classes, and her quizzes and tests are pretty easy--multiple choice, identifications, and bonus questions.  Sometimes she'll include short answers.  I'm also taking General Sociology, Math for Liberal Arts, and Autism in the Community College, a new class that started this semester.), and I just started working in the Bella Rosa library with Ondrea, Erinne, Linette, and Paola (she started this semester, too).  I only work two days a week because of my classes, but at least I get paid!  I work with Erinne and Paola on Tuesdays, Ondrea on Wednesdays, and Linette on Fridays.

How's my love life with Christian?  Fine, thanks for asking.  It's been almost five years since we've been together.  (He's 23 now, and I'm 20.)  I know, we met each other at an autism conference at church, and I was speaking, and he didn't really know me, until Javier and Hector told him about me.  Christian said that he needed a girl who was respectful, nice, and different.  And I was the one.  Christian is from Puerto Rico, and he's a tall and lanky dude there!  Five-foot-eight, to be exact, and he's cool.  Mis padres like him, and his padres like me.  Chris always pays whenever we go out (he doesn't want me spending my money although I have insisted countless of times).  He doesn't mind that I'm four-foot-eleven.  We've kissed each other so many times on the lips.  Chris asked me if I wanted to try tongue kissing.  Trust me, I tried it once and only once, because it was uncomfortable and gross!  Chris understood and respected my decision!  And this may be a little bit inappropriate for a young girl with autism, but I am old enough to write this--Chris and I were thinking about having sex.  Not the sex that produces babies, no.  I'm not ready for children yet.  The sex that involves just kissing and feeling each other's chests.  Yes, I know I have to be careful and protect myself like Christian does, and me being autistic.  (Raquelle had a couple of experiences with Hector like that, and both made sure they protected themselves, their way!) Our padres don't want us to do anyting we're not supposed to do.

That's it for now!  Until then, I will talk to you all soon!  God bless! Dios te bendiga!  Adeus!

Dayra, the beautiful Dominican and Cape Verdean


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