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The Events of 2/12/08  by A-Lonely_Bush

I am only 15.

I love the show Friends.

I am on the honor roll.

And sometimes I let curiousity get in my way.

The shed stood there, old and moldy looking, for years.  Ever since I moved into the house the shed was there.  I asked neighbors about it, but they always dismissed conversation and or commentary about the god for saken thing.  Weird, it's just a shed, right? Well, that's what we told ourselves.


A few years ago I lost my dog.  He just ran out in the backyard and then we never saw him again.  Later that year, we also lost my little brother, Chandler, which was very difficult to get through.  Once again, he just went outside to play in the back yard and we found him later on the ground behind the shed, lifeless and cold.


Now, it is February 12, 2009 exactly 1 year after losing my brother and I have decided to go look at the shed.  Honor his resting place, you know, that kind of thing.  But something weird happened when I got there.  You see, this shed- since the accident with my brother- had grown to be a sickly green color and was kind of moldy because we stopped keeping it clean looking.  But when I approached it, it looked exactly the same as it did before Chandler died.  It was still an off white tone with that look of wet wood, the hinges looked polished, and the door knob that had been blown away during a summer storm was back. 

I yelled to my parents but suddenly I had no voice.  Just wasted, empty air that outlined words. My heart raced, I began to sweat.  What the hell was happening?  I stared towards my house but everything turned.  I saw my brother's face.  I saw him running around just like he did on February 12, 2008, and then I saw nothing. 

The fall was long, or so it seemed.  Maybe minutes, maybe hours.  I'm not sure, but it was windy and everything was completely black.  Then the floor approached my body, hard and cold like ice.  You would have thought that the sound of a cool bloodless body against a rough icey floor would make noise, but mine made none. But the pain overtook me, I lay there unable to yell for help, in the midst of what was possibly the worst feeling I could ever experience.  With my fists clenched, I let out one last breathe and then the cold pit that was the inside of the shed, spit me back into the world in one swift toss. 

The pain was gone, the fear was gone, everything was gone.  My life, my pulse, my soul; was gone.

I was just 15.

I had loved the show Friends.

I had made the honor roll.

And for the very last time, I had let my curiousity get in the way of everything.




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Date created: Dec. 28, 2009
Date published: Dec. 28, 2009
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