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Forums > Introductions > A Poet and a Novelist needs feedback.

2 Metzgermeister 6 years, 1 month ago Reply

Hello everyone, I'm new to StoryMash and so far I have been quite pleased by the site. I've posted four poems that I've written over the past few weeks and I would like some honest critiquing of my work. If I get enough feedback, I'll begin posting chapters of a novel I'm working on. I hope everyone enjoys my submissions! Thanks again!

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1 JD_Renaissance 6 years, 1 month ago Reply

Hi Metz. Welcome to the site!

I'll try to find some time in the near future to be able to read and comment on your poems.

A word of advice. I recommend you don't post your novel if you plan on getting it mainstream published one day. It isn't that we wouldn't want to read it or that SM would do anything to harm you or your future as an author. Many publishing companies want first publishing rights, including online/electronic rights, and they often will see work submitted on sites like SM as published. Do some research into this before you make your decision, as the decision is ultimately yours. Again, welcome to the site! I look forward to reading your work.

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